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Schedule HIA 320

For each class meeting, you need to have read BOTH (a) the relevant chapter in the Pomeroy’s Ancient Greece AND (b) at least one of the listed documents from the Reader (marked with a red star).

Accessing the online version of the Reader: The table of contents can be found here. Individual articles are linked below.

1     Thu Aug 28
Introduction and Evidence
pomeroy:        Introduction

2     Thu Sep 4
Minoans and Mycenaeans
pomeroy:        Chapter 1

3     Thu Sep 11
The Greek “Dark Age”
pomeroy:        Chapter 2
reader:        HOMER / Agamemnon’s Insult
reader:        HOMER / The Death of Patroclos
reader:        HOMER / Nausicaa and the Stranger
reader:        HOMER / Odysseus and the Suitors

4     Thu Sep 18
The Nobles and the Masses
pomeroy:        Chapter 3
reader:        HESIOD / The Beginnings of Things
reader:        HESIOD / On Labor
reader:        VARIOUS / Accounts of the Hellenic Games
reader:        HERODOTUS AND STRABO / The Founding of Cyrene
reader:        HERODOTUS / The Tyranny at Corinth
reader:        SAPPHO / Selected Poems

Thu Sep 25 (no class meeting)

5        Thu Oct 2
Sparta and the Art of War
pomeroy:        Chapter 4
reader:        PLUTARCH / The Great Rhetra of Sparta
reader:        XENOPHON / The Spartan Polity
reader:        HERODOTOS / The Spartan Way of Living
reader:        ARISTOTLE / On the Spartan Constitution

6     Thu Oct 9
Athenians and Barbarians
pomeroy:        Chapter 5
reader:        SOLON / The Rule of Law
reader:        HERODOTUS / The Battle of Thermopylae
reader:        VARIOUS WRITERS / Accounts of Religious Beliefs
reader:        AESCHYLUS / from The Persians

7     Thu Oct 16
Hegemony and Democracy
Position Paper Proposal Due
pomeroy:        Chapter 6
reader:        PSEUDO-XENOPHON / On the Athenian Constitution
reader:        EURIPIDES / from Medea
reader:        VARIOUS / Documents on Greek Slavery
reader:        ANTIPHON / Arguments in an Accidental Homicide

8     Thu Oct 23
Classical Greece
pomeroy:        Chapter 7
clouds:        First half of the play

9     Thu Oct 30
Clouds and the Meaning of Morality
Essay Due on Representations and Images
clouds:        Rest of the play

10     Thu Nov 6
War Between the Greeks
pomeroy:        Chapter 8
reader:        THUCYDIDES / Perikles’s Funeral Oration
reader:        THUCYDIDES / Civil War in Corcyra
reader:        THUCYDIDES / The Plague at Athens
reader:        THUCYDIDES / The Melian Dialog

11     Thu Nov 13
The Fourth-Century Crisis
Essay due on Clouds
pomeroy:        Chapter 9
reader:        PLATO / The Death of Socrates
reader:        XENOPHON / The Battle of Leuctra
reader:        ANDOCIDES / A Charge of Sacrilege
reader:        PLATO / The Allegory of the Cave
reader:        UNKNOWN / Athenian Bankers

12     Thu Nov 20
The Rise of Macedon under Philip
pomeroy:        Chapter 10
reader:        DEMOSTHENES / The First Philippic
reader:        ISOCRATES / Address to Philip
reader:        DEMOSTHENES / The Last Stand
reader:        PLUTARCH / The Murder of Philip II
reader:        ARISTOTLE / The Ideal State

Thu Nov 27 — Thanksgiving (no class meeting)
Position Paper Optional Draft Due (by email)

13        Thu Dec 4
pomeroy:        Chapter 11
reader:        PLUTARCH / On Alexander
reader:        ARRIAN / Speech of Alexander the Great

14     Thu Dec 11
The Hellenistic World
Position Paper Due
pomeroy:        Chapter 12
reader:        ATHENAEUS / The Procession of Ptolemy II
reader:        POLYBIUS / The Destruction of Corinth

Thu Dec 18 — Final Exam (6:00 – 8:00 p.m.)

Important Dates

Thu Aug 28Classes begin
Wed Sep 3Last day to drop
Thu Sep 25No classes
Thu Nov 6Deadline to withdraw with a W
Thu Nov 27No classes — Thanksgiving

Thu Oct 30 Representations & Images Essay Due
Thu Nov 13Clouds Essay Due
Thu Oct 16Position Paper        Proposal Due
Thu Nov 27        ”        Optional Draft Due
Thu Dec 11      ”        Final Due Date<
Thu Dec 18Final Examination