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Schedule HIA 321

To prepare for each meeting, you need to read:

  1. All of the listed sections from the textbook (Ward et al.) and
  2. At least one of the primary source readings from the Reader (marked with a red star ).

Note on textbook readings: Ward writes short chapters around specific topics. I’ve kept the readings about the same from week to week.

1 Thu Jan 29 Introduction and Evidence

2 Thu Feb 5 Tribes and Kings
I. Roman History: Its Geographic and Human Foundations WARD 1–10
Read all ¦  II. Phoenicians, Greeks, and Etruscans in Pre-Roman Italy WARD 11–27
III. Early Rome to 500 B.C. WARD 28–39
DIONYSIUS/On the Subject of Roman History  Reader 1
¦  DIONYSIUS/Early Rules for Clients and Patrons  Reader 2
Read at least ¦  LIVY/Numa’s Religious Settlement  Reader 3
one of these ¦  LIVY/The Capture of the Sabine Women  Reader 4
¦  DIONYSIUS/Servius Tullius’s Reform of the Comitia Centuriata  Reader 5
LIVY/The Rape of Lucretia  Reader 6

Thu Feb 12 No meeting (holiday)

3 Thu Feb 19 Patrician and Plebeian
IV. Early Roman Society, Religion, and Values WARD 40–55
V. From Tyrant Kings to Oligarchic Republic WARD 56–74
DIONYSIUS/Coriolanus Opposes the Plebs  Reader 7
DIONYSIUS/The Tribunes and their Manipulation  Reader 9
FRAGMENTS/The Twelve Tables  Reader 11
LIVY, DIONYSIUS/The Roman Way of Declaring War  Reader 12
CICERO, DIONYSIUS/The Mythology of the Farmer General  Reader 14
LIVY/The Defeat of the Latins  Reader 15
POLYBIUS/The Constitution of the Roman Republic  Reader 17

4 Thu Feb 26 Conquering the West
VI. The Roman Conquest of Italy and Its Impact WARD 75–89
VII. The First Punic War, Northern Italy, and Illyrian Pirates WARD 90–101
VIII. War with Hannibal: The Second Punic War WARD 102–111
POLYBIUS/The Roman Maniple vs. the Macedonian Phalanx  Reader 19
LIVY/The Samnites’ ‘Linen Legion’ Remains Undaunted  Reader 21
CORNELIUS NEPOS/Hannibal  Reader 21
POLYBIUS/The Battle of Cannæ  Reader 25
LIVY, PRUDENTIUS/The Magna Mater  Reader 28
POLYBIUS/The Siege of Syracuse  Reader 29

5 Thu Mar 5 Acquisition of Empire
IX. Roman Imperialism East and West WARD 112–128
X. The Transformation of Roman Life WARD 129–142
XI. The Great Cultural Synthesis WARD 143–153
POLYBIUS/The Destruction of Corinth  Reader 31
LIVY/Cato Opposes Extravagance  Reader 33
PLAUTUS/From The Menaechmi  Reader 35
VARIOUS/Accounts of the Roman State Religion  Reader 50
VARIOUS/Slavery in the Roman Republic  Reader 53

6 Thu Mar 12 Optimates and Populares
XII. The Gracchi and the Struggle over Reforms WARD 154–164
XIII. Destructive Rivalries, Marius, and the Social War WARD 165–175
XIV. Civil War and Sulla’s Reactionary Settlement WARD 176–183
APPIAN/On Tiberius Gracchus  Reader 38
PLUTARCH/On Tiberius Gracchus  Reader 41
APPIAN/On Gaius Gracchus  Reader 43
SALLUST/Speech of Marius Against the Nobility  Reader 45
APPIAN AND PLUTARCH/Mithridates Against Rome  Reader 48
APPIAN/Drusus and his Enemies  Reader 48
LIVY, APPIAN/Sulla’s Brutality  Reader 55

7 Thu Mar 19 Crossing the Rubicon
Position Paper Proposal due
XV. Personal Ambitions: The Failure of Sulla’s Optimate Oligarchy WARD 184–199
XVI. Caesar Wins and Is Lost WARD 200–216
SALLUST/Pompey’s Letter to the Senate  Reader 60
CICERO/Against Catiline  Reader 61
APPIAN/Pompey’s Conquest of the East  Reader 65
ASCONIUS/The Murder of Clodius  Reader 66
SUETONIUS/On Julius Caesar  Reader 71

8 Thu Mar 26 End of the Republic
XVII. The Last Years of the Republic WARD 217–230
XVIII. Social, Economic, and Cultural Life in the Late Republic WARD 231–249
PLUTARCH/The Assassination of Julius Caesar  Reader 74
Q. CICERO/The Roman Candidate  Reader 57
SALLUST/Life in Rome in the Late Republic  Reader 59
CICERO/Scipio’s Dream  Reader 68
CICERO/On the Rise of Augustus  Reader 76

9 Thu Apr 2 Augustus, Princeps, Imperator
Representations & Images Paper due
XIX. The Principate of the Early Roman Empire Takes Shape WARD 250–262
XX. Imperial Stabilization under Augustus WARD 263–278
XXI. The Impact of Augustus on Roman Imperial Life and Culture WARD 279–293
CATULLUS/Selections  Reader 79
HORACE/The Secular Hymn  Reader 80
VELLEIUS PATERCULUS/The Battle of Teutoburg Forest  Reader 81
AUGUSTUS/Acts of the Divine Augustus  Reader 83
TACITUS/The Death of Augustus and the Accession of Tiberius Nero  Reader 87

Thu Apr 9 No meeting (Spring Break)

10 Thu Apr 16 Succession and Empire
XXII. The First Two Julio–Claudian Emperors: Tiberius and Gaius WARD 294–305
XXIII. Claudius, Nero, and the End of the Julio–Claudians WARD 306–316
XXIV. The Crisis of the Principate and Recovery under the Flavians WARD 317–326
CLAUDIUS/A Speech on Incorporating the Gauls  Reader 90
SENECA/The Pumpkinification of Claudius  Reader 91
TACITUS/The Principle of Adoption  Reader 95
TACITUS/The Legions Proclaim Vespasian Emperor  Reader 96
JOSEPHUS/The Roman Army in the First Century CE  Reader 97
LEGAL TEXT/Law Concerning the Power of Vespasian  Reader 99
PLINY THE YOUNGER/Panegyric Addressed to the Emperor Trajan  Reader 102
PLINY THE YOUNGER/Correspondence of a Governor and the Emperor  Reader 103
SUETONIUS/How Domitian Attempted to Amuse the Populace  Reader 107

11 Thu Apr 23 The Roman Peace
Position Paper Optional Draft due
XXV. The Five “Good” Emperors of the Second Century WARD 327–342
XXVI. Culture, Society, and Economy in the First Two Centuries A.D. WARD 343–366
PLINY THE ELDER/The Grandeur of Rome  Reader 100
STRABO, OXYRHYNCHOS PAPYRI/Egypt under the Roman Empire  Reader 105
VARIOUS/Roman Educational Practices  Reader 108
MARCUS AURELIUS/On the Virtue of Antoninus Pius  Reader 109
EUTROPIUS/The Reign of Marcus Aurelius  Reader 110

12 Thu Apr 30 Third Century Crisis
XXVII. Conflicts and Crises under Commodus and the Severi WARD 367–381
XXVIII. The Third-Century Anarchy WARD 382–391
XXIX. Changes in Roman Life and Culture during the Third Century WARD 392–407
ZOSIMUS/Imperial Weakness Invites Barbarian Aggression  Reader 113
EUSEBIUS/The Persecution under Decius  Reader 116
VOPISCUS/Aurelian’s Conquest of Palmyra  Reader 118
HERODIAN/How Didius Julianus Bought the Empire at Auction  Reader 110
VARIOUS/The Lives of Soldiers and Sailors  Reader 111

13 Thu May 7 The New Empire
Position Paper due
XXX. Diocletian: Creating the Fourth-Century Empire WARD 408–419
XXXI. Constantine the Great and Christianity WARD 420–431
XXXII. From Constantine’s Dynasty to Theodosius the Great WARD 432–438
DIOCLETIAN AND CONSTANTINE/Efforts to Stabilize the Economy  Reader 119
EUSEBIUS/The Conversion of Constantine  Reader 120
CONSTANTINE/The Edict of Milan  Reader 121
SOZOMEN/Constantine Founds Constantinople, 324 CE  Reader 122
JULIAN/Letter to Arsacius  Reader 123

14 Thu May 14 The End of Antiquity
XXXIII. The Evolving World of Late Antiquity in the Fourth Century A.D. WARD 439–453
XXXIV. Christianity and Classical Culture in the Fourth Century WARD 454–471
AMMIANUS MARCELLINUS/The Luxury of the Rich in Rome  Reader 124
PROCOPIUS OF CAESAREA/Alaric’s Sack of Rome, 410 CE  Reader 125
RUTILIUS NAMATIANUS/The Greatness of Rome in the Days of Ruin  Reader 127
JORDANES/The Battle of Chalôns, 451 CE  Reader 127

Thu May 21 Final Exam

Important Dates

Wed Feb 18 Monday classes meet
Tue Feb 17 Last day to drop
Thu Apr 2 Deadline to withdraw
Apr 3–11 Spring Break
Thu Apr 2 Representations & Images Paper due
Thu Mar 19 Position Paper Proposal due
Thu Apr 23 Optional Draft due
Thu May 7 Final Draft due
Thu May 21 Final Exam (6:00 – 8:00 p.m.)