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Ancient texts and translations

Individual Authors and Works

Please contact me if you find that links are not working or are incorrectly reported here, or with any suggestions to improve this list. In a few cases source material is available on multiple sites; for example, the LATIN tag might link to the Latin source material at site A, but the ENGLISH tag might link to an English translation at site B with Latin alongside it there as well. If the author or work is not listed below it may still exist in one of the archive collections listed at the bottom of this page.

* = partial (for one work) or incomplete (works of an author). † = abridgment. If one of the links below leads to only part of an expected work, let me know so I can flag it.

Abbreviations are from the Oxford Classical Dictionary, rev. 3rd. ed. (2003), when listed there.
L = Latin; G = Greek; E = English; F = French.

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Aen. Tact. More Info Aeneas Tacticus, Siege Defense  G   E 
Aesch. More Info Aeschylus  G   E 
Perseus Results Page  G   E 
More Info Aetna  L   E 
Amm. Marc. More Info Ammianus Marcellinus (Ammian)  L   E 
Amp. More Info Ampelius  L   F 
Mem. More Info Liber Memorialis  L 
Anac. More Info Anacreon  G   E   F 
More Info Anaximander  G   E 
  More Info Andocides  G   E   F 
Apic. More Info Apicius  L   E 
Coqu.   De Re Coquinaria  L   E 
Ap. Rhod. More Info Apollonius of Rhodes  G   E   F 
Ap. Ty. More Info Apollonius of Tyana  E 
App. Verg. More Info Appendix Vergiliana  L   E 
App. More Info Appian
B. Civ. The Civil Wars  G   E   F 
The Foreign Wars  G   E 
More Info Roman History  E 
Apul. More Info Apuleius  L   E   F 
Arat. More Info Aratus, Phaenomena  G   E 
Archim. More Info Archimedes  G   E   F 
More Info Aristeas, Letter to Philocrates  E 
Ar. More Info Aristophanes  G   E   F 
Arist. More Info Aristotle  G   E   F 
Perseus Results Page  G   E 
Pol. Politics  G   E   F 
Ph. Physics  F 
[See also Pseudo-Aristotle below]
Arr. More Info Arrian  G   F 
Ascl. Tact. More Info Asclepiodotus, Tactics  G   E 
Asc. More Info Asconius  L 
Pis.   In Pisonem  L 
Scaur.   Pro Scauro  L 
Mil.   Pro Milone  L   E 
Corn.   Pro Cornelio  L 
Tog. Cand.   In Toga Candida  L 
Ath. More Info Athenaeus
More Info Deipnosophists  G   E   F 
De vir. ill.   De viris illustribus (auctor ignotus)  L 
August. More Info Augustine  L   E 
Aug. More Info Augustus  L 
RG   Res Gestae  L   G   E 
Aur. Vict. More Info Aurelius Victor  L   E   F 
Auson. More Info Ausonius  L   E   F 
  Forum Romanum Results Page  L 
  Mosella  L   E 
More Info [Lactantius], de Ave Phoenice  L   E 
More Info Avianus  L   E   F 
More Info Avienus  L   F 
Balb. More Info Balbus  L 
More Info Bede  L   E 
More Info Boethius  L   E 
Caes. More Info Caesar  L   E   F 
BC More Info Civil Wars  L   E   F 
  [See also Pseudo-Caesar and Hirtius below]
Call. More Info Callimachus  G   E   F 
Calp. Flac. More Info Calpurnius Flaccus  L 
Calp. Sic. More Info Calpurnius Siculus  L   E 
Carm. arv. More Info Carmen Arvale  L   E 
Carm. Sal. More Info Carmen Saliare  L   E 
Cassiod. More Info Cassiodorus  L   F 
  Letters  L   E 
Cass. Dio More Info Cassius Dio  G   E   F 
Dist. Cat. More Info Disticha Catonis  L   E 
Cato More Info Cato the Elder
Agr. More Info On Farming  L   E   F 
  Orations (fragments)  L 
Catul. More Info Catullus  L   E   F 
Celsus, Med. More Info Celsus, On Medicine  L   E   F 
Censorinus, DN More Info Censorinus, de Die Natali  L   F 
Chron. Pasch. More Info Chronicon Paschale  G   E 
Cic. More Info Cicero  L   F 
  Perseus Results Page  L   E 
Sen. More Info Cato Maior de Senectute  L   E   F 
Div. More Info de Divinatione  L   E 
Amic. More Info Laelius de Amicitia  L   E 
Fin. More Info de Finibus  L   E 
Off. More Info de Officiis  L   E 
Brut. Brutus  E 
Letters to and from Cassius  E 
  Scholia in Ciceronis Orationes Bobiensia  L 
Cicero   Q. Cicero
Comment. pet. More Info Essay on Running for Consul  L   E 
Cinna More Info Helvius Cinna  L 
Claudius More Info Claudius Caesar, Speech on the Gauls  L   E* 
Claud. More Info Claudian  L   E   F 
  More Info Code of Hammurabi  E 
  More Info Colluthus  G   E 
Columella More Info Columella  L   E* 
Nep. More Info Cornelius Nepos  L   E   F 
Att.   Life of Atticus  L   E 
Curt. More Info Curtius Rufus  L   E   F 
More Info Dares the Phrygian  L   E   F 
D. More Info Demosthenes  G   E   F 
Dio Chrys. More Info Dio Chrysostom  G*   E   F 
Or. Orationes  G 
Diod. Sic. More Info Diodorus Siculus
More Info Library of World History  G   E*   F 
Diog. Laert. More Info Diogenes Laertius, Lives of the Philosophers  G   E   F 
Book 7 (life of Zenon)  E 
Book 10 (life of Epicurus)  E 
Dion. Hal. More Info Dionysius of Halicarnassus
Ant. Rom. The Roman Antiquities  G   E   F 
Don. More Info Aelius Donatus  L   E 
More Info Einsiedeln Eclogues  L   E 
Enn. More Info Ennius  L   E   F 
Epict. More Info Epictetus  G   E   F 
Epicurus More Info Epicurus  G   E 
Gilg. More Info Epic of Gilgamesh  E 
Eur. More Info Euripides  G   E   F 
Perseus Results Page  G   E 
Euseb. More Info Eusebius  F 
Chron. Chronicle  E 
Hist. eccl. Church History  G   E† 
Eutr. More Info Eutropius, Abridgement of Roman History  L   E   F 
More Info Excerpta Valesiana  L   E 
Festus More Info Festus  L   F 
Flor. More Info Florus  L 
  Epitome of Roman History  L   E   F 
  Poems  L   E 
Frontin. More Info Frontinus  L 
de Aq.   De Aqueductibus Urbis Romae  L   E 
Strat.   Strategemata  L   E   F 
Fronto More Info Fronto  L   E   F 
Fulg. More Info Fulgentius  L 
Gai. Inst.   Gaius the Jurist  L 
Gal. More Info Galen  G   E   F 
Gell. NA More Info Gellius, Noctes Atticae  L   E*   F 
German. More Info Germanicus Caesar  L 
Gran. Lic. More Info Granius Licinianus  E 
Grat. More Info Grattius, Cynegeticon  L   E 
Gregory of Tours More Info Gregory of Tours  L   F 
Heliod. More Info Heliodorus  G   E   F 
  More Info Heraclitus  G   E 
  More Info Herodes Atticus
  More Info Herodian  E 
Hdt. More Info Herodotus  G   E   F 
Hes. More Info Hesiod  G   E   F 
Perseus Results Page  G   E 
Hippoc. More Info Hippocrates  G   E   F 
  More Info Hirtius, Alexandrian War  L   E 
Hist. Ap. More Info Historia Apollonii  L 
Hist. Aug. More Info Historia Augusta  L   E   F 
Hom. More Info Homer  G   E   F 
Perseus Results Page  G   E 
Hor. More Info Horace  L   E   F 
Hyg. Fab. More Info Hyginus  L   E 
Hyg. Grom. More Info Hyginus Gromaticus  L 
More Info Ilias Latina  L 
Isid. More Info Isidore of Seville, The Etymologies  L   E 
Isoc. More Info Isocrates  G   E   F 
  Ius Romanum  L 
Jer. Chron. More Info Jerome (Hieronymus), Chronological Tables  L   E   F 
Jord. More Info Jordanes  L   E   F 
Joseph More Info Josephus  E   F 
AJ Jewish Antiquities  G   E   F 
    – Book 12  E 
    – Book 13  E 
    – Book 14  E 
    – Book 20  E 
The Jewish War  G   E   F 
Contra Apion  G   E 
Julian. More Info Julianus Imperator [Apostates]  E   F 
Caesars The Caesars  G   E   F 
Mis. Misopogon  G   E   F 
Perseus Results Page  G   E 
Julius Caesar [see Caesar above]
More Info Julius Exsuperantius  E 
More Info Julius Obsequens  L   E   F 
More Info Julius Paris  L 
Just. Epit. More Info Justinus, Epitome of Pompeius Trogus  L   E   F 
Juv. More Info Juvenal  L   E   F 
More Info Laus Pisonis  L   E 
Liv. Andron. More Info Livius Andronicus  L   F 
Livy More Info Livy  L   F 
Books 1-5  L   E 
Books 6-10  L   E 
Books 21-25  L   E 
Books 26-32  L   E 
Books 33-39  L   E 
Books 40-45  L   E 
Book 9; Books 27-36  E 
Per. More Info The Periochae  L   E 
Per. Ox.   Periocharum Fragmenta Oxyrhynchi Reperta  L 
Luc. More Info Lucan  L   E   F 
Lucian More Info Lucian of Samosata  G   E   F 
Macr. Long Lives (Macrobii)  E 
Lucr. More Info Lucretius  L   E   F 
Lydus More Info John Lydus/the Lydian  G 
Mag. De Magistratibus, Book 3  G 
More Info Lysias  G   E   F 
More Info Maccabees
3rd Book of Maccabees  E 
4th Book of Maccabees  E 
Macrob. Sat. More Info Macrobius, The Saturnalia  L   F 
More Info Manetho  E 
Man. Astr. More Info Manilius  L   F 
Marcellin. More Info Marcellinus Comes  L   F 
M. Aur. More Info Marcus Aurelius  G   E   F 
Mart. More Info Martial  L   E   F 
More Info Maximianus  L 
Megillat Taanit, Scroll of Fasts  E 
More Info Memnon, History of Heracleia  E 
Men. More Info Menander  G   E   F 
Min. Fel. More Info Minucius Felix  L   E   F 
Naev. More Info Naevius  L   F 
Nemes. More Info Nemesianus  L   E 
New Testament  G   E 
Nic. Dam. More Info Nicolaus of Damascus, Life of Augustus  E   F* 
Not. Dig. More Info Notitia Dignitatum  L   E 
Onos. More Info Onasander  G   E   F 
  More Info Oppian  G   E 
Oros. More Info Orosius, History Against the Pagans  L   E 
Orph. More Info Orpheus  E   F 
Ov. More Info Ovid  L   E   F 
  Halieuticon  L 
Epistles  E 
More Info Palladius Rutilius  L   E   F 
More Info Paulinus Pellaeus, Eucharisticon  L   E 
More Info Paulus Diaconus  L   E 
  More Info Pausanias  G   E   F 
Pers. More Info Persius  L   E 
More Info Pervigilium Veneris  L   E 
Petron. More Info Petronius  L   E   F 
More Info Phaedrus  L   E   F 
More Info Philostratus, Life of Apollonius  G   E 
Pind. More Info Pindar  G   E   F 
Pl. More Info Plato  G   E   F 
Perseus Results Page  G   E 
Plaut. More Info Plautus  L   E   F 
Plin. More Info Pliny the Younger  L   E   F 
Plin. HN More Info Pliny the Elder, Natural History  L   E   F 
Plotinus More Info Plotinus  G   E   F 
Plut. More Info Plutarch  E*   F 
Perseus Results Page  G   E 
Vit. More Info Parallel Lives  E 
Mor. Morals  E* 
Quaest. More Info The Roman and Greek Questions  E 
[See also Pseudo-Plutarch below]
Polyaenus Strat. More Info Polyaenus, Strategemata  E   F 
Polyb. More Info Polybius  E   F 
Perseus Results Page  G   E 
    Pompoeius Trogus [see Justinus above]
Pompon. More Info Pomponius Mela  L 
Porph More Info Porfirius  L 
More Info Porphyry of Tyre  E 
More Info Precatio Terrae  L   E 
Priap. More Info Priapea  L   E 
Procl. More Info Proclus  E 
Procop. More Info Procopius
Hist. Arc. More Info Secret History  G   E   F 
Secret History (Atwater)  E 
Bell. History of the Wars  G   E*   F 
Aed. More Info Buildings  G   E   F 
Prop. More Info Propertius  L   E   F 
Ps.-Arist. Pseudo-Aristotle
Col. De coloribus  G   E 
Mech. Mechanica  E 
Mir. ausc. De mirabilibus auscultationibus  G   E 
Caecil. Balb. More Info Pseudo-Caecilius Balbus  L 
Ps.-Caes. Pseudo-Caesar
Bell. Hisp. More Info The Spanish War  L   E 
Ps.-Plut. Pseudo-Plutarch
X orat. Lives of the Ten Orators  E 
Regum. Sayings of kings and commanders  G   E 
Ps.-Xen. Ath. pol. More Info Pseudo-Xenophon (Old Oligarch)  G   E 
Ptol. Claudius Ptolemy
Geog. Geographike Hyphegesis  G 
Tetr. More Info Tetrabiblos  E 
Pub. More Info Publilius Syrus  L   F 
More Info Pythagoras  E 
Quint. More Info Quintilian  L   E   F 
More Info Reposianus  L 
Rhet. Her. More Info Rhetorica ad Herennium  E 
Rut. Lup. More Info Rutilius Lupus  L 
Rut. Namat. More Info Rutilius Namatianus  L   E   F 
More Info Aulus Sabinus  L 
Sall. More Info Sallust
  All Works  L   E   F 
  All Works  L 
  Histories  L   E   F 
More Info Sappho  G   E   F 
Sen. More Info Seneca the Younger  L   E   F 
Perseus Results Page  L   E 
Sen. More Info Seneca the Elder  L 
Septuagint  G 
Ser. Samm. More Info Serenus Sammonicus, Liber Medicinalis  L   F 
Sid. Apoll. More Info Sidonius Apollinaris  L   F 
    Sibylline Oracles  E 
Sil. More Info Silius Italicus  L   F 
Solin. More Info Solinus  L   F 
Solon More Info Solon  E*   F 
Soph. More Info Sophocles  E   F 
Perseus Results Page  G   E 
  More Info Sozomen  G   E 
Stat. More Info Statius
Silv.   Silvae  L   E 
Theb.   Thebaid  L   E   F 
Ach.   Achilleid  L   E   F 
Str. More Info Strabo  G   E   F 
Suet. More Info Suetonius  L   E   F 
More Info Sulpicia  L   E   F 
Tac. More Info Tacitus  E   F 
Hist. More Info The Histories  L   E   F 
Ann. More Info The Annals  L   E   F 
Agr.   Agricola  L   E   F 
Ger.   Germania  L   E   F 
Or.   Dialog on Oratory  L   E   F 
Ter. More Info Terence  L   E   F 
More Info Testamentum Porcelli  L   E 
Theophr. More Info Theophrastus  G   E 
Thuc. More Info Thucydides  G   E   F 
Tib. More Info Tibullus  L 
  More Info Tryphiodorus  G   E 
V. Fl. More Info Valerius Flaccus  L   F 
Val. Max. More Info Valerius Maximus  L   E   F 
Scan of a 1678 English translation  E 
Varro More Info Varro  L   F 
Rust. Country Matters (Belvoir)  E 
More Info Country Matters  L   E 
Veg. More Info Vegetius  L   E*   F 
Vell. Pat. More Info Velleius Paterculus  L   E   F 
Verg. More Info Vergil  L   E   F 
Vitr. De arch. More Info Vitruvius, On Architecture  L   E   F 
Xen. More Info Xenophon  G   E   F 
[See also Pseudo-Xenophon above]
Zon. More Info Zonaras  L   F 
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Collection Archives

Bill Thayer's Gateway to ancient Rome. A large and carefully curated site dedicated to Roman antiquity, with many texts in Latin and Greek and in English translation, plus a photosampler of Roman and Etruscan cities and monuments, Latin inscriptions, maps, and more.
Perseus Greek and Roman Materials
The vast Tufts University collection of digital Greco-Roman documents in Greek, Latin, and English, with morphological and vocabulary assistance.
The Latin Library
Extensive collection of source materials in Latin, curated by William L. Carey at George Mason. Index here. Latin and classics-related links here.
L'antiquité grecque et latine
Comprehensive assemblage by the late Philippe Remacle of classical and medieval texts in French translation, often side-by-side with the original Latin or Greek.
Internet Sacred Texts Archive
John Bruno Hare's site includes a section for texts from ancient Greece and Rome, largely with some connection to pagan beliefs; mostly in English or with English in parallel to the original.
Ancient History Sourcebook
A compendium of excerpts from ancient sources on specific topics, collected and edited by Paul Halsall at Fordham.
Bibliotheca Augustana - Graeca - Latina
Ulrich Harsch's collection of arts and literature from various cultures, including texts in Latin, Greek, and several other languages and a virtual museum of ancient and medieval art and artifacts.
Elfinspell History collection
An open source publisher of arts, literature and invention, organized according to the nine Muses. Clio history site includes a variety of secondary sources on various periods and some primary source material.
PHI Latin Texts
A collection of classical texts compiled by the Packard Humanities Institute. Index here.
Theoi Classical E-Texts Library
A collection of works from ancient Greek and Roman literature in translation emphasizing classical mythology and so primarily ancient poetry, drama and prose renditions of myth.
Forum Romanum
Latin literature and modern texts on Roman life and history, plus links to sources and resources on other sites, maintained by David Camden. Index of authors here.
Articles, commentary, and source documents. Livius is a website on ancient history written and maintained since 1996 by the Dutch historian Jona Lendering. Includes articles on a broad array of ancient and related topics, including a subsite of materials relating to Alexander the Great.
Intratext - Latina
Republisher of texts of varying usefulness and provenance.


Contains detailed lists of events and sources for the history of the Hellenistic world and the Roman republic. It includes links to online translations of many of the sources, plus some original translations.
Library of Ancient Texts Online (LATO)
Aims to be the internet's most thorough catalogue of online copies of ancient Greek texts, both in Greek and in translation.
The Latin Bookcase
Links to classical, medieval, and liturgical texts in Latin, some with translations.
The Rome Project
Compilation of links to resources on Rome relating to archaeology, drama, literature, military, philosophy, religion, trade, and so on.
Classical History Resources
Links to resources for classical and medieval history at Library of Congress.

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