Coursework Schedule

CORC 1220    WILSON    FALL 2010

For each class you need to read:

*     The assigned pages in Spielvogel (the Textbook), and

*     Two readings from the Reader, one from each of the two topics for that meeting. [Note: ŅCortˇs/3,Ó for example, means that the excerpt by Hern‡n Cortˇs begins on page 3 of the Reader.]

1       Tue   31 Aug        Introduction; Primary Sources; The Ancient World

2       Tue   7 Sep           The Middle Ages; The Protestant Reformation
                                      spielvogel:    pages xxxv–xxxviii; 268-275

         Tue   14 Sep         Conversion Day — Friday Classes

3       Tue   21 Sep         Post-Luther Reformations; The Wars of Religion
                                      spielvogel:    pages 275-287; 316-319

4       Tue   28 Sep         The Age of Exploration; The Scientific Revolution
                                      spielvogel:    pages 291-298; 341-354
                                      reader:          Cortˇs/3   or  
Xavier/9   or   Babur/14
                                      reader:          Galilei/19
   or   Franklin/40   or   de Gournay/23

5       Tue   5 Oct           English Colonialism and Civil War; Absolutism
                                      Proposal Due
                                      spielvogel:    pages 298-312; 319-323; 328-332
                                      reader:          Vassa/45   or   Prince/49
                                      reader:          Domat/27
   or   Locke/34

6       Tue   12 Oct         Enlightenment; The Great Powers; American Identity
                                      spielvogel:    pages 359-368; 323-327; 386-395; 399-400
                                      reader:          Rousseau/76   or   Smith/132   or   Wollstonecraft/103
                                      reader:          Macaulay/206
   or   Paine/61   or   Cr¸vecoeur/55

7       Tue   19 Oct         Atlantic Revolutions
                                      spielvogel:    pages 400-412
                                      reader:          Declaration of Independence/71   or  
                                      reader:          Siey¸s/81   or   Robespierre/99   or   Burke/107

8       Tue   26 Oct         Midterm Exam

9       Tue   2 Nov          The Rise and Fall of Napoleon; The Industrial Revolution
                                      spielvogel:    pages 412-418; 422-432
                                      reader:          Bonaparte/113   or  
                                      reader:          Dickens/155   or   Robinson/166   or   Tristan/174

10     Tue   9 Nov          The Ferment of Ideology; Nation-Building
Position Paper Optional Draft Due
                                      spielvogel:    pages 432-438; 443-456; 476-477; 464-470
                                      reader:          Marx & Engels/141   or   Carnegie/186   or   Zola/180
                                      reader:          Fichte/249
   or   Mazzini/252   or   Anonymous/241

11     Tue   16 Nov        The American Civil War; Cultural Modernism
                                      spielvogel:    pages 470-476; 478–479; 508-527
                                      reader:          Stirling/170   or   Stephens/255   or   Lincoln/260   or   Truth/276
                                      reader:          Ferry/244
   or   Freud/294   or   Herzl/285

12     Tue   23 Nov        World War I
Position Paper Due
                                      spielvogel:    pages 527-529; 534-545
                                      reader:          Brittain/307   or   Botchkareva/311
                                      reader:          Wilson/316

13     Tue   30 Nov        The Russian Revolutions; The Rise of Fascism
                                      spielvogel:    pages 545–554; 559-578
                                      reader:          Lenin/320   or  
                                      reader:          Stalin/329   or   Hitler/344   or   Mao/337

14     Tue   7 Dec           World War II; Origins of the Cold War
                                      spielvogel:    pages 583-604; 608-617
                                      reader:          Greene/349   or  
Hoess/353   or   Ogura/357
                                      reader:          Truman/388
   or   Khrushchev/391   or   Gandhi/365

         Tue   21 Dec         Final Exam (6–8 p.m.)

important college dates

Wednesday, September 1                  Last day to add a course

Monday, September 13                     Last day to file Pass/Fail application

Wednesday, September 15                Last day to drop a course without a grade

Friday, October 15                           Last day to file for Fall 2010 Graduation

Thursday, November 11                    Last day to resolve Spring 2010 and Summer 2010 Incomplete grades

Thursday, November 11                    Last day to resolve Spring 2010 and Summer 2010 ABS grades

Wednesday, November 17                Last day to apply for withdrawal from a course with a W grade