Essay #2: The Evolution of Hellas

HIA 320    WILSON    FALL 2011

Due: monday, DECEMBER 12

May be handed in in class or submitted by email in a DOC or RTF format. Note: Your email submission only “counts” if you receive a reply back from me saying I got it. As stated in the syllabus, any late submissions are marked down 10 points per class meeting.

Please format your essay as follows. Your essay should

u     Be typed, double-spaced, in 12 pt. Times or Arial, with one-inch margins on all sides. Please spellcheck and, if you’re not sure about your writing, have a friend read it. I will not mark down for grammar, but clarity is vital.

u     Have a cover page with the title, your name, my name, and the date, and have page numbers on each page after the cover page.

u     Run about five full pages, not including the cover page. Start with an introduction stating your opinion; then give your evidence in the body of the paper, discussing each of your examples in turn; followed by a conclusion summarizing how he evidence supports your opinion.

u     Have all direct quotations, indirect quotations, and ideas from other sources footnoted according to a standard citation style. This is extremely important and failure to do this will seriously affect your grade. 

u     Due at 6 p.m., Monday, Dec. 12.  After that it will be counted late.


Choose one of the following topics:

1.     Choose one of the periods of Greek history covered by classes 2–14 in the syllabus, and determine what the central “problem” or crisis of that period was for the people of Hellas. Identify an agent of change, and how that change brings about conflict within hellenic society. Using examples from the primary sources, supplemented as necessary by additional relevant readings related to the period, discuss the key factors that pushed hellenic society toward a response to the conflict you’ve identified. You should place your readings in the context of in-class discussions and the analysis provided by the course textbook, but your discussion should rely first and foremost on voices from the period about which you are writing.

2.     If there is a particular aspect of hellenic society that you want to explore that doesn’t fit with the above, you may propose a topic to me. The main criterion is that there needs to be a “question” — an issue that you will argue one side of, using evidence from sources. You’ll need to have your topic approved by me by Nov. 14.

Your conclusion should be the last one-third or so of your essay, binding together your examples into your argument as to why hellenic society transformed in the way it did during your period.

u     Remember our discussion of primary sources, which are always skewed by bias and point of view. What main points in this document, and how is the author’s viewpoint affecting the way these ideas are presented?

Remember that, as always, I am looking for your opinion and how well you support it with evidence; this essay is less about “right answers” than it is about well-supported ideas.