Reading assignments: To broaden our exposure to the Greek world, weÕll be supplementing the textbook with short excerpts from ancient writers. For each class, all students must read

u   The assigned chapter from the textbook by Pomeroy et al.,

u   The Clouds when it comes up, and

u   At least one of the primary sources (i.e., one of the texts marked with a ) before coming to class.

1    Mon  Aug 29   Introduction and Evidence

2    Mon  Sep 12    Neolithic and Bronze Age Greece
   POMEROY: chapter 1

3    Mon  Sep 19    The Greek ÒDark AgeÓ
   POMEROY: chapter 2
    HOMER: from The Iliad, ÒThe Death of PatroklosÓ
 HOMER: from The Iliad, ÒAgamemnonÕs InsultÓ
 HOMER: from The Odyssey, ÒOdysseus and the SuitorsÓ

4    Mon  Sep 26    Archaic Greece and the Polis
   POMEROY: chapter 3
    HESIOD: from Works and Days, ÒOn LaborÓ
 HERODOTUS:    from The Histories, ÒThe Founding of CyreneÓ
 VARIOUS:    ÒAccounts of Hellenic Religious BeliefsÓ

5    Mon  Oct 3   Sparta and the Art of War
   POMEROY: chapter 4
    XENOPHON:   from The Spartan Polity
 PLUTARCH:   ÒThe Great Rhetra of SpartaÓ
    HERODOTUS:    from The Histories, ÒThe Spartan Concept of FreedomÓ
 ARISTOTLE:   from Politics, ÒThe Spartan ConstitutionÓ

6    Mon  Oct 17    Early Athens; The Persian Threat
   POMEROY: chapter 5
    HERODOTUS:    from The Histories, ÒThermopylaeÓ
 AESCHYLUS: scene from The Persians
 SAPPHO:    selected poems

7    Mon  Oct 24    Democracy and Hegemony; The Clouds
POMEROY: chapter 6
  ARISTOPHANES:   The Clouds, editorÕs intro and first part (e.g., through line 562)

8    Mon  Oct 31    Fifth-Century Hellas; The Clouds
POMEROY: chapter 7
   ARISTOPHANES:   The Clouds, rest of play

9    Mon  Nov 7 Citizen, Metic, Helot, Slave
   First Paper Due
   POMEROY: chapter 7
    PS.-XENOPHON: from The Athenian Constitution
 EURIPIDES:    from Medea
 VARIOUS:    ÒDocuments on Greek SlaveryÓ
    VARIOUS:    ÒAccounts of the Hellenic GamesÓ

10 Mon  Nov 14   The Peloponnesian War
   POMEROY: chapter 8
    THUCYDIDES:   from The Peloponnesian War, ÒPeriklesÕs Funeral OrationÓ
 THUCYDIDES:   ———, ÒCivil War in CorcyraÓ
    THUCYDIDES:   ———, ÒThe Plague at AthensÓ
    THUCYDIDES:   ———, ÒThe Melian DialogÓ

11 Mon  Nov 21   The Fourth Century Crisis
   POMEROY: chapter 9
    XENOPHON:   from Hellenica, ÒThe Battle of LeuctraÓ
 PLATO:   from The Republic, ÒThe Allegory of the CaveÓ

12 Mon  Nov 28   The Rise of Macedon
   POMEROY: chapter 10
    DEMOSTHENES: from The First Philippic
 ISOCRATES:   from Address to Philip
 PLUTARCH:   from Alexander, ÒThe Murder of Philip IIÓ

13 Mon  Dec 5   Alexander
   POMEROY: chapter 11
    PLUTARCH:   from Alexander
 ARRIAN:   from The Campaigns of Alexander, ÒAlexanderÕs ExhortationÓ

14 Mon  Dec 12    The Hellenistic World
   Second Paper Due
   POMEROY: chapter 12
    ATHANAEUS:    from The History, ÒThe Procession of Ptolemy IIÓ
 POLYBIUS:   from The Histories, ÒThe Destruction of CorinthÓ

  Mon  Dec 19    FINAL EXAM: 6–8 p.m.