Extra Credit Essay

HIS 1000C      WILSON      FALL 2011

DUE: MONDAY, december 19

May be submitted by email in a DOC, PDF, or RTF format (to wilsonm1@stjohns.edu). Note: Your email submission only counts if you receive a reply back from me saying I got it. No papers will be accepted after Dec. 19, 2011.

This paper is worth 5 points toward your total grade.

Please format your essay as follows. Your essay should

      Be typed, double-spaced, in 12 pt. Times or Arial, with one-inch margins on all sides. Please spellcheck and, if youre not sure about your writing, have a friend read it. I will not mark down for grammar, but clarity is vital.

      Have a cover page with the title, your name, my name, and the date, and have page numbers on each page after the cover page.

      Run 3 full pages, not including the cover page. Start with an introduction stating your opinion, then give your evidence in the body of the paper, followed by a conclusion summarizing how he evidence supports your opinion.

      Have all direct quotations, indirect quotations, and ideas from other sources footnoted according to a standard citation style. This is extremely important and failure to do this will seriously affect your grade. 


Choose at least three documents from the primary source Reader that you feel relate significantly to each other, because they deal with closely related issues or problems or are written by individuals with situations in common.

      First, compare and contrast the arguments presented in these readings with each other. Be specific and provide examples!

      Then, connect the similarities and differences you discover to the transformations in society that take place over the periods covered by the readings. In other words, how do the changes in society weve discussed and read about influence the viewpoints in these readings?

      Finally, having analyzed these readings and placed them in context, what conclusions can you draw about the role that this issue or topic plays in society, and the changes that role undergoes, over the course of the modern era?