Topic and Assignment Schedule


Reading assignments: To broaden our exposure to the Roman world, well be supplementing the textbook with short excerpts from ancient writers. For each class, all students must read

u The assigned chapter from Nagle (Ancient Rome: A History), and

u At least one of the primary sources (i.e., one of the texts marked with a #) before coming to class.

1) Mon Jan 31 Introduction and Sources
nagle: pages 1-22

2) Mon Feb 7 Kings of Rome
nagle: pages 23-42
#  dionysius: On the Subject of Roman History
#  livy: The Capture of the Sabine Women
#  livy: Numas Religious Settlement
#  dionysius: Servius Tulliuss Reform of the Comitia Centuriata
#  livy: The Rape of Lucretia

3) Mon Feb 14 Rome and Italy
nagle: pages 43-70
#  dionysius: The Tribunes and their Manipulation
#  livy: The Roman Way of Declaring War
#  dionysius: Treaties of Alliance with Romes Neighbors
#  livy: “The Defeat of the Latins
#  livy: “The Samnites Linen Legion Remains Undaunted

4) Wed Feb 23 The Secret of Romes Success
nagle: pages 71-104
#  fragments: The Twelve Tables
#  dionysius: Patricians and Plebeians: Coriolanus Opposes the Plebs
#  polybius: The Constitution of the Roman Republic
#  dionysius: Early Rules for Clients and Patrons
#  cicero: The Mythology of the Farmer-General

5) Mon Feb 28 Mediterranean Empire: West and East
nagle: pages 105-140
#  herodotus: The Carthaginian Attack on Sicily, 480 BCE
#  cornelius nepos: Hannibal
#  polybius: The Battle of Cannae
#  polybius: The Siege of Syracuse
#  polybius: The Destruction of Corinth
#  polybius: The Roman Maniple vs. the Macedonian Phalanx

6) Mon Mar 7 The Ramifications of Empire
nagle: pages 141-169
#  plautus: from The Menaechmi
#  strabo, oxyrhn.: Egypt under the Roman Empire
#  various: Roman Educational Practices
#  various: Slavery in the Roman Republic
#  livy: Cato Opposes Extravagance

7) Mon Mar 14 Constitutional Breakdown
nagle: pages 170-195
#  appian: On Tiberius Gracchi
#  appian: On Gaius Gracchi
#  plutarch: On Tiberius Gracchus
#  sallust: Speech of Marius Against the Nobility
#  appian: Drusus and his Enemies
#  livy, appian: Sullas Brutality

8) Mon Mar 21 Civil War and the Fall of the Republic
nagle: pages 196-226
#  sallust: Life in Rome in the Late Republic
#  sallust: Pompeys Letter to the Senate
#  cicero: Against Catiline
#  asconius: The Murder of Clodius
#  suetonius: On Julius Caesar

9) Mon Mar 28 Augustus, Princeps, Imperator
nagle: pages 227-266
#  cicero: On the Rise of Augustus
#  augustus: Acts of the Divine Augustus
#  various: Selected Testimonia on Augustus
#  horace: The Secular Hymn
#  velleius: The Battle of Teutoburg Forest

10) Mon Apr 4 An Institution Both Stable and Volatile
nagle: pages 267-308
#  tacitus: The Death of Augustus and the Accession of Tiberius Nero
#  claudius: Speech on Incorporating the Gauls
#  seneca: The Pumpkinification of Claudius
#  tacitus: The Principle of Adoption
#  suetonius: How Domitian Attempted to Amuse the Populace

11) Mon Apr 11 The Third Century Crises
nagle: pages 375-416
#  herodian: How Didius Julianus Bought the Empire at Auction
#  vopiscus: Aurelians Conquest of Palmyra
#  zosimus: Imperial Weakness Invites Barbarian Aggression
#  eusebius: The Persecution under Decius

12) Mon May 2 What Held It Together I
nagle: pages 309-348
#  tacitus: The Legions Proclaim Vespasian Emperor
#  legal text: Law Concerning the Power of Vespasian
#  pliny the ygr: Panegyric Addressed to the Emperor Trajan
#  josephus: The Roman Army in the First Century CE

13) Mon May 9 What Held It Together II
nagle: pages 349-374
#  various: Accounts of the Roman State Religion
#  various: Roman Religiones Licitae and Illicitae
#  pliny the elder: The Grandeur of Rome
#  pliny the ygr: The Correspondence of a Provincial Governor and the Emperor

14) Mon May 16 Rome Reinvents Itself
nagle: pages 417-441

#  marcellinus: The Luxury of the Rich in Rome
#  sozomen: Constantine Founds Constantinople
#  constantine: The Edict of Milan
#  julian: Letter to Arsacius

Date TBA FINAL EXAM (6:00-8:00 p.m.)