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Course DescriptionFoundation and development of the Roman state, including the rise and decline of the Roman Republic and the establishment and fall of the Empire, with emphasis on its political, economic, social, and cultural achievements.

booksTwo books are required: The Textbook and The Reader.

(1) The Textbook:
Nagle, D. Brendan.
Ancient Rome: A History. (1st ed.).
Sloan Publishing: 2010.
ISBN: 978-1-59738-021-8

The textbook is available from Lehman College Bookstore, either on person or via their website.
Available from online booksellers (see Amazon link below). Make sure to allow time for delivery.

(2) The Reader:
De Roma: Excerpts from Ancient Writers About Rome.
Compiled for this course.

Photocopies of the Course Reader will be provided during the first class meeting.
You can also download a PDF version by clicking here.

XM81 / 2696
Mondays 6:00–8:40 p.m.
Room CA 212

Office Hours
Mon., Wed. 12:30–1:30 p.m.
Room CA 293

course documents

Syllabus PDF HTML
Schedule PDF HTML
Examining Primary Sources PDF HTML
The Reader (Given out in class) PDF  
Final Exam Review Sheet PDF  

position paper

Position Paper Requirements    
Position Paper Topics    
Writing a Position Paper PDF  
Sample Proposal PDF  
Grading Criteria PDF