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Course DescriptionIn modern times the terms state and nation almost completely overlap; but this has not always been the case. When civilization emerged millennia ago its basic unit was the city-state, a peculiar amalgam of commercial locus, defensive fastness, social monument, and ethnic nucleus. In this course we’ll use case studies of city-states both famous and obscure to investigate the factors that created an age of city-states in the ancient Mediterranean world, and the circumstances under which the form emerged in places and times far removed from its archaic origins.

booksAll of the readings will be provided as PDFs to download. However, two books contain several of the readings, so you also have the option of getting the books themselves.

Griffeth, Robert, and Carol G. Thomas.
The City-State in Five Cultures.
Santa Barbara, Calif: ABC-Clio, 1981.
ISBN: 978-0874363166.

Parker, Geoffrey.
Sovereign City: The City-State Through History.
London: Reaktion, 2004.
ISBN: 978-1861892195

NHIS 3123A
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Spring 2011, Jan. 27 to May 12

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