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statement of the problem

As a general, statesman, and ruler, Napoleon Bonaparte had a profound impact on France. Some say Napoleon left France stronger and more powerful than it had been. Others say Napoleon damaged the very idea of France, completing the destructive calamity of the French Revolution.

thesis statement

Napoleon Bonaparte was bad for France, in that he undermined FranceÕs economy, its institutions, and its relationships with the rest of Europe.

preliminary outline

The body of my paper will need to cover the following areas:

A.   NapoleonÕs effect on the French economy

1.     The vast size of his army — and the casualties they suffered — meant France had fewer workers and farmers

2.     Food and resources diverted to army, so people had less to eat

B.    NapoleonÕs effect on French tradition and institutions

1.     Imposed uniform legal code, overriding local custom

2.     Undid earlier reforms improving womenÕs rights

3.     Imposed new aristocracy

C.   NapoleonÕs effect on FranceÕs relationships with Europe

1.     Fear of France after Napoleon — Congress of Vienna

2.     Nationalism inspired by fight against Napoleon creates stronger enemies for France (e.g., Spain, Prussia)