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Reading assignments: To broaden our exposure to the Roman world, we’ll be supplementing the textbook with short excerpts from ancient writers. For each class, all students must read

  • The assigned chapter from Potter (Ancient Rome: A New History), and
  • At least one of the primary sources (i.e., one or more of the texts marked with a ) before coming to class.

1 Mon Jan 30
Introduction and Sources
POTTER: pages 8–18
2 Mon Feb 6
The Kings: Early Rome
POTTER: pages 19–45
DIONYSIUS: “On the Subject of Roman History”
LIVY: “The Capture of the Sabine Women”
LIVY: “Numa’s Religious Settlement”
DIONYSIUS: “Servius’s Reform of the Comitia”
LIVY: “The Rape of Lucretia”
  Mon Feb 13
Lincoln’s Birthday — No meeting
  Mon Feb 20
President’s Day — No meeting
3 Tue Feb 21
Monday classes meet
Dawn of the Republic
POTTER: pages 46–63
DIONYSIUS: “Tribunes and their Manipulation”
LIVY, DIONYSIUS: “The Roman Way of Declaring War”
LIVY: “The Defeat of the Latins”
LIVY: “The Samnites’ ‘Linen Legion’”
FRAGMENTS: “The Twelve Tables”
DIONYSIUS: “Coriolanus Opposes the Plebs”
4 Mon Feb 27
Acquisition of Empire: Rome and the West
POTTER: pages 63–83
CICERO: “Mythology of the Farmer-General”
POLYBIUS: “The Battle of Cannae”
POLYBIUS: “The Siege of Syracuse”
DIONYSIUS: “Early Rules for Clients and Patrons”
POLYBIUS: “Constitution of the Republic”
5 Mon Mar 5
Acquisition of Empire: Rome and the East
POTTER: pages 84–98
POLYBIUS: “The Destruction of Corinth”
POLYBIUS: “The Maniple vs. the Phalanx”
PLAUTUS: from “The Menaechmi”
STRABO ET AL.: “Egypt under the Roman Empire”
VARIOUS: “Slavery in the Roman Republic”
LIVY: “Cato Opposes Extravagance”
6 Mon Mar 12
The Gracchi: Constitutional Breakdown
POTTER: pages 99–117
APPIAN: “On Tiberius Gracchus”
PLUTARCH: “On Tiberius Gracchus”
APPIAN: “On Gaius Gracchus”
SALLUST: “Marius Against the Nobility”
7 Mon Mar 19
* Position Paper: Proposal Due
Sulla and Pompey: Cascading Revolutions
POTTER: pages 117–138
APPIAN: “Drusus and his Enemies”
LIVY, APPIAN: “Sulla’s Brutality”
SALLUST: “Life in Rome in the Late Republic”
SALLUST: “Pompey’s Letter to the Senate”
CICERO: “Against Catiline”
8 Mon Mar 26
Caesar and Octavian: End of the Republic
POTTER: pages 139–165
ASCONIUS: “The Murder of Clodius”
SUETONIUS: “On Julius Caesar”
PLUTARCH: “The Assassination of Julius Caesar”
CICERO: “On the Rise of Augustus”
CATULLUS: Selections
9 Mon Apr 2
Augustus, Princeps, Imperator
POTTER: pages 165–194
AUGUSTUS: “Acts of the Divine Augustus”
HORACE: “The Secular Hymn”
VELLEIUS: “The Battle of Teutoburg Forest”
TACITUS: “The Accession of Tiberius Nero”
CLAUDIUS: “Speech on Incorporating the Gauls”
SENECA: “The Pumpkinification of Claudius”
  Mon Apr 9
Spring Recess
10 Mon Apr 16
An Institution Both Stable and Volatile
POTTER: pages 195–226
TACITUS: “The Principle of Adoption”
TACITUS: “Legions Proclaim Vespasian Emperor”
LEGAL TEXT: “Law on the Power of Vespasian”
SUETONIUS: “How Domitian Attempted to
Amuse the Populace”
JOSEPHUS: “Roman Army in the 1st Century”
PLINY THE YGR: “Panegyric Addressed to Trajan”
11 Mon Apr 23
What Held It Together
POTTER: pages 226–250
PLINY THE YGR: “Correspondence of a Governor…”
VARIOUS: “The Roman State Religion”
VARIOUS: “Religiones Licitae and Illicitae”
PLINY THE ELDER: “The Grandeur of Rome”
VARIOUS: “Roman Educational Practices”
12 Mon Apr 30
* Position Paper: Optional Draft Due
The Third Century Crises
POTTER: pages 251–275
HERODIAN: “How Didius Bought the Empire”
VOPISCUS: “Aurelian’s Conquest of Palmyra”
ZOSIMUS: “Weakness Invites Barbarian Attack”
EUSEBIUS: “The Persecution under Decius”
13 Mon May 7
Constantine: Rome Reinvents Itself
POTTER: pages 275–300
SOZOMEN: “Constantine Founds Constantinople”
EUSEBIUS: “The Conversion of Constantine”
CONSTANTINE: “The Edict of Milan”
JULIAN: “Letter to Arsacius”
14 Mon May 14
* Position Paper: Final Paper Due
The End of the West
POTTER: pages 301–334
MARCELLINUS: “The Luxury of the Rich in Rome”
PROCOPIUS: “Alaric's Sack of Rome, 410 CE”
NUMANTIUS: “Rome’s Greatness in Days of Ruin”
JORDANES: “The Battle of Chalôns, 451 CE”

Important Dates

Fri Jan 27 First day of classes
Mon Feb 13 Lincoln’s Birthday — No classes
Thu Feb 16 Last day to drop
Mon Feb 20 Presidents’ Day — No classes
Tue Feb 21 Monday classes meet
Apr 6–15 Spring Break
Thu Apr 19 Last day to withdraw with a W
Tue May 15 Last day of classes
Mon Mar 19 Position Paper: Proposal Due
Mon Apr 30 — Optional Draft Due
Mon May 14 — Final Paper Due
Mon May 21 Final Exam, CA 210, 6:00–8:00 p.m.