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Forms of government and related ideas

Democracy δήμος ‘people’ + κράτος ‘power’
Republic RES PUBLICA ‘public matters’
Oligarchy ὀλίγος ‘few’ + ἄρχων ‘leader’
Autocracy αὐτός ‘self’ + κράτος ‘power’
  Tyranny τύραννος ‘lord and master’
  Monarchy μόνος ‘alone’ + ἄρχων ‘leader’
  Dynasty δύναμαι ‘to be able, to be strong enough’
Theocracy θεός ‘deity’ + κράτος ‘power’
Citizen CIVITAS ‘city-dwellers’
Constitution CONSTITUO ‘settled, agreed upon’
Empire IMPERIUM ‘power to command, compel’