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Course DescriptionFoundation and development of the Roman state, including the rise and decline of the Roman Republic and the establishment and fall of the Empire, with emphasis on its political, economic, social, and cultural achievements.

Spring 2013, Lehman College

HIA 321
Section 81W, Class Code 2443
Mo 6:00PM - 8:40PM
Room CA-212

Office Hours
MoWe 12:30PM – 1:30PM
Room CA-292

course documents

Syllabus PDF HTML
Schedule PDF HTML
De Roma (Reader) PDF HTML
Writing Assignments PDF HTML
Papers: Requirements/Grading PDF HTML


Examining Primary Sources PDF HTML
Writing a Position Paper PDF HTML


Map gallery   HTML
Italy and the Roman Empire   HTML


Eras of History   HTML
Ages of Technology   HTML
Numbering Centuries   HTML
The Story of Rome   HTML

Slides & Review Materials

Final Review PDF HTML
Meeting 1   HTML
Meeting 2   HTML
Meeting 3   HTML
Meeting 4   HTML
Meeting 5   HTML
Meeting 6   HTML
Meeting 7   HTML
Meeting 8   HTML
Meeting 9   HTML
Meeting 10   HTML
Meeting 11   HTML
Meeting 12   HTML
Meeting 13   HTML
Meeting 14   HTML

booksThere are two required books: the textbook, and the reader.

(1) The Textbook:
Mary T. Boatwright et al.
The Romans: From Village to Empire, 2nd edition.
Oxford University Press, 2011.
ISBN: 978-0-199-73057-5.

Version note: Make sure you get the second edition, which is significantly different from the first edition.
The book is available from Lehman College Bookstore, either in person or at their online bookstore.
Available from online booksellers (see Amazon link below). Make sure to allow time for delivery.

(2) The Reader:
De Roma: Excerpts from Ancient Writers About Rome, 2nd edition.

Version note: The Reader will be handed out in class and is also available here on this site (see links on the course schedule page).


Buy at bookstore
or online
Free photocopy
will be provided, or
buy printed version