The following two books are required. Some possible ways to get them are listed below.

Assigned Books

1. A History of the Roman People, 7th edition

by Celia E. Schultz, Allen M. Ward, F. M. Heichelheim, C. A. Yeo. Routledge, 2019. ISBN: 978-1-138-72469-3. $96 (new print, but see links below for possibly cheaper alternatives).

Assigned Books

2. De Roma: Excerpts from Ancient Writers About Rome, 2d Edition

Ed. by Mark Wilson.
2013. 978-1-481-90543-5. $8.00.

  • Getting this book:
    • There is a free and complete online version here on this website, so you need to buy it only if you want a physical copy in your hands.
    • Rent or buy (new or used) via the Lehman Bookstore.
    • Buy in Kindle or paperback (new or used) via Amazon.
  • The Reader is available as a hardcopy book from the bookstore or via Amazon, or online on this website.

The assigned books are available from Lehman College Bookstore and from Amazon and other online retailers (try searching aggregators such as Bookfinder for the best deals). Make sure you do so enough in advance that you’ll receive the books in time for the assignments.