History of Ancient Rome


Course Resources
Quiz Notes

Detailed responses to the quiz questions, in handly HTML or PDF form.

Citations for this Course

The footnote and bibliography citations for the assigned readings in this course, should you need to cite them.

General Resources
Citation Basics

The basics you need to know for this class about footnotes and bibliographies in two fun pages.

Writing a Position Paper

AKA the Elephant Pamphlet. Guidance on research, structure, and citations.

Maps and Timelines

Helpful maps of the ancient Mediterranean world, and timelines of the ancient era.

Online Video Lectures

My video lectures on YouTube for Ancient Civilizations, Ancient Greece, and Women in Antiquity.

Online Ancient Texts

A fairly exhaustive list of ancient authors and online translations into English.

MS Word Essay Template

A Microsoft Word file that’s already set up for the formatting required for my essays. There is also a Google Docs version.

Common Word Mix-Ups

Suggestions for sorting out a few of the words that are commonly mixed up in English writing.

Site Map

An overview of the full syllabus and easy access to any page in the course website.