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Studying History

History of Ancient Greece

Women in Antiquity

History of Ancient Rome

  Playlist–History of Ancient Rome
Week 1 - Introduction and Evidence
  Quick Welcome and Orientation Video   Stages of Roman History   Roman Names   Optional Bonus: Sample Inscription
Week 2 - Tribes and Kings
  Italy and its Peoples   The Roman Kings - Part 1   The Roman Kings - Part 2   The End of Monarchy
Week 3 - Patrician and Plebeian
  The Roman Republic   Consuls, Tribunes, and Dictators   Senate and People   The Conflict of the Orders
Week 4 - Conquering the West
  Veii and the Sack   Samnites and Pyrrhus   The First Punic War   The War with Hannibal
Week 5 - Acquisition of Empire
  Rome and the East   Acquisition of Empire
Week 6 - Optimates and Populares
  The Brothers Gracchus   Marius   Sulla
Week 7 - Crossing the Rubicon
  Pompey and Cicero   Caesar
Week 8 - End of the Republic
  Caesar's Assassination   Antony and Octavian
Week 9 - Augustus, Princeps, Imperator
  Octavian Becomes Augustus   The Reign of Augustus
Week 10 - Succession and Empire
   After Augustus (Part 1)   After Augustus (Part 2)   The Flavian Principate
Week 11 - The Roman Peace
  The World of the Principate   The Five Good Emperors
Week 12 - Third Century Crisis
  The Waning of Stability     The Third Century Crisis   Religion in the Roman Empire
Week 13 - The New Empire
  Diocletian and Constantine   Christianization
Week 14 - The End of Antiquity
  14 - The Fall of the West  

Civilizations of the Ancient World

  Playlist–Civilizations of the Ancient World
WEEK 1 - Introduction
  Quick Welcome and Orientation Video   Eras of History   Evidence
WEEK 2 - Origins of Civilization
  The Origins of Sumer   Writing   The Epic of Gilgamesh
WEEK 3 - Sumer
  The City-States of Sumer   Mesopotamia and Empire   Writing an Interpretive Essay (1)
Thesis and Structure
WEEK 4 - Egypt
  Unification of Egypt   Old Kingdom Egypt   New Kingdom Egypt   Writing an Interpretive Essay (2)
Sources and Citations
WEEK 5 - Bronze Age Aegean / Iron Age
  The Minoans   Mycenaeans   Philistines and Phoenicians   The Hebrews
WEEK 6 - Iron Age Mesopotamia / Eurasia
  The Neo-Assyrian Empire   The Persian Empire   Eurasian cultures
WEEK 7 - Dark Age Greece
  The Greek Dark Age (1)   The Greek Dark Age (2)
WEEK 8 - Iron Age Aegean
  Archaic Greece   Sparta   Early Athens   The Clouds
WEEK 9 - Fifth-Century Greece
  Persian Invasions   Fifth-Century Athens (1)   Fifth-Century Athens (2)   The Peloponnesian War
WEEK 10 - Fourth-Century Greece
  The Fourth-Century Crisis   Alexander   The Hellenistic East   Hellenistic culture
WEEK 11 - Early Rome
  Early Italy (Part 1)   Early Italy (Part 2)   Rome under the Kings   The Early Republic (Part 1)   The Early Republic (Part 2)
WEEK 12 - Acquisition of Empire
  Roman Expansionism   The Punic Wars   Roman Wars in the East   The Acquisition of Empire (Part 1)   The Acquisition of Empire (Part 2)
WEEK 13 - Breakdown of the Republic
  Sulla and Pompey (Part 1)   Sulla and Pompey (Part 2)   Julius Caesar   Augustus and the Principate
WEEK 14 - Roman Principate
  The Early Principate (Part 1)   The Early Principate (Part 2)   The Roman World   Christianity and the Romans