Women in Antiquity

    Week 8: Obligation to Family: Women and the Athenian Polis

    Meeting Day: Friday, October 22


  1. Watch the video lectures.
  2. Do the readings.

  4. Attend the class meeting.
  5. Join the discussion IN PERSON on Friday morning at 9:30 in room CA 210, where we’ll discuss this week’s topics.

    If you did not attend in person, watch the lecture video above and post in the discussion area below.

  6. Take the quiz.
  7. Take Quiz #4 by Oct. 28. (Closed)

Week 8 Discussion Area

Meeting time: Friday morning at 9:30

Respond to and discuss the readings and lecture. Also try to react to what other students are saying. This is where we get at what these readings and ideas are all about, so discussing and interacting here is absolutely vital.

  • Your comments should include your reactions to the arguments made in the readings, both specific points made by the writers and their overall claims, assumptions, and biases, as well as responses to comments made by other students.
  • Your participation grade will be derive not only from the fact that you have posted, but on how well you contribute to the discussion of that day’s topic.
  • If your comment is flagged as spam, let me know so that I can release the comment and whitelist your account.
  • Make sure to include a question that arose for you from today's readings or lecture. It can be any kind of question, but ideally something that provokes more discussion.
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Important: Please treat this as an in-class discussion, not like an internet comment board. What I'm asking for is reaction, discussion, and real questions about the material, as a part of your weekly participation in the course.