History of Ancient Greece

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Assigned Texts


The textbook, Pomeroy’s Ancient Greece: A Political, Social, and Cultural History, is a tertiary source and may not be used in any written assignment for this course.

Bibliography West, Thomas G., Grace Starry West, Plato, and Aristophanes. 1998. Four texts on Socrates: Plato’s Euthyphro, Apology, and Crito, and Aristophanes’ Clouds. Ithaca: Cornell University Press.
Footnote West et al., [page number] or
CloudsAristophanes, Clouds [line numbers]
ApologyPlato, Apology [section number]
CritoPlato, Crito [section number]
EuthyphroPlato, Euthyphro [section number]
Readings from Hellas

Note: Rather than using the brief and edited down excerpts in the Reader, students should find a good, recent translation of the original source and read the passage in context.

Bibliography Wilson, Mark B. 2013. Readings from Hellas: Sources for the Exploration of Ancient Greece, 2d Ed. Createspace.
Footnote See list below.
Homer / Agamemnon’s Insult Homer, Iliad 1.1-240
Homer / Nausicaa and the Stranger Homer, Odyssey 6.48-315
Homer / Odysseus and the Suitors Homer, Odyssey 22.1-85
Homer / The Death of Patroclos Homer, Iliad 16.20-865
Herodotus and Strabo / The Founding of Cyrene Herodotos 4.140-159; Strabo, Geographia 8.3
Hesiod / On Labor Hesiod, Works and Days 293-705 [ise specific line numbers shown in the text for the passages you are using]
Hesiod / The Beginnings of Things Hesiod, Works and Days 105-264
Various Writers / Accounts of Religious Beliefs Homer, Iliad 2.404-430; Lysias, Against Nichomachos 17-18; Apollonius of Rhodes, Argonautica 1.1079; Plutarch, Life of Aristides 21; Plutarch, Life of Theseos 23; Plutarch, Life of Alcibiades 18
Sappho / Selected Poems Sappho, [poem name]
Aristotle / On the Spartan Constitution Aristotle, Politics 2.1269a-1271b
Herodotos / The Spartan Way of Living Herodotos 7.101-105
Plutarch / The Great Rhetra of Sparta Plutarch, Life of Lycurgos 6
Xenophon / The Spartan Polity Xenophon, Lacedaemonion Politeia
Solon / The Rule of Law Solon, Fragments 2-31
Aeschylus / from The Persians Aeschylos, The Persians 65-139, 787-844
Herodotus / The Tyranny at Corinth Herodotus 5.92
Various / Documents on Greek Slavery Hesiod, Works and Days 405; Strabo, Geographia 8.6.20; Antiphon, On the Choreutes 6.4; Demosthenes, Against Timocrates 167; Aristotle, Politics 1.1253b-1255a
Various / Accounts of the Hellenic Games Pindar, Olympian Odes 9-13; Thucydides 1.6; Xenophon, Hellenica; Strabo, Geographia; Pausanias, Description of Greece 2.138
Herodotus / The Battle of Thermopylae Herodotos 7.208-226
Euripides / from Medea Euripides, Medea 1175-1274
Antiphon / Arguments in an Accidental Homicide Antiphon, Speeches 2
pseudo-Xenophon / On the Athenian Constitution Pseudo-Xenophon, Athenian Constitution
Thucydides / Civil War in Corcyra Thucydides 3.82-83
Thucydides / Perikles’s Funeral Oration Thucydides 2.35-46
Thucydides / The Plague at Athens Thucydides 2.47-55
Thucydides / The Melian Dialog Thucydides 5.84–116
Plato / The Death of Socrates Plato, Apology 38c-42a; Plato, Phaedo 115b-118a
Plato / The Allegory of the Cave Plato, Republic 514a–520a
Andocides / A Charge of Sacrilege Andocides, On the Mysteries 10-30
Demosthenes / Athenian Bankers Demosthenes, For Phormio
Xenophon / The Battle of Leuctra Xenophon, Hellenica 6
Demosthenes / The First Philippic Demosthenes, First Philippic
Demosthenes / The Last Stand Demosthenes, Third Philippic
Isocrates / Address to Philip Isocrates, To Philip
Plutarch / The Murder of Philip II Plutarch, Alexander 9-10
Aristotle / The Ideal State Aristotle, Politics 1252a-1253a
Arrian / Speech of Alexander the Great Arrian, Campaigns of Alexander
Plutarch / On Alexander Plutarch, Alexander 6-7, 11, 16
Athenaeus / The Procession of Ptolemy II Athenaeus 5
Polybius / The Destruction of Corinth Polybius 38