History of Ancient Greece


Your course grade will be derived from your performance on quizzes, a presentation on a primary source, two essays, a position paper, and a final exam.

Your grade for the course will be determined from the following:

Presentation and Write-Up on a Primary Source 10%
Clouds Essay10%
Representations and Images Essay10%
Position Paper25%
Final Exam30%

We’ll have short quizzes at the start of most class meetings. These are to help gauge our relationship with the material in the readings. Quizzes are based on the material you’ve prepared for that class, including:

  • the textbook assignment for that meeting as listed in the Schedule, and
  • the excerpt you read from Readings from Hellas or Clouds for that meeting.

If you did your readings for the class, you should be prepared for the quiz. Quizzes are always based on the materials assigned for that class meeting, even if I am slightly behind the syllabus in class. Make sure to always do the assigned readings.

Missed quizzes are not made up. If you come late to class and miss a quiz, you’ll get a zero for that quiz. Therefore, please make sure you come to class on time and prepared.

Presentation on a Primary Source

You’ll make a short presentation in class on one of the primary source excerpts assigned as class readings from Readings from Hellas. Your presentation will give the class your perspective on (a) what this reading means, (b) the author’s perspective on the topics, and (c) how it relates to the material being discussed in the course. Do not merely describe the reading.

Sign up for these presentations on the sign-up sheet. Your presentation will be given the day that reading is assigned on the schedule.

A 2–3 page written version is due by the next class meeting after your presentation. The requirements are given in the Essays page.

Interpretive Essays (2)

You’ll write two interpretive essays. Details are on the Essays page.

  • One on Clouds and its relationship with actual events in classical Athens; and
  • A response to your choice of nonwritten artistic depictions of the ancient Greek world, including sculpture, painting, performance, or film, comparing the history that’s come down to us with how it has been represented.
Position Paper

You’ll write an essay discussing a turning point in Roman history of your choice, examining the source material, causes, and effects of the event or transformation and drawing your own conclusions about its meaning. We’ll talk about what’s expected. The requirements are given in the Essays page.

Proposal. You will submit a proposal for the paper partway through the semester, so I can give you feedback on your plans.

Optional Draft. You can submit a draft of the paper to me up to two weeks before it’s due; I’ll give you some general feedback (but not a grade). Because I accept drafts, I do not allow students to submit revised versions of their final paper after the due date.

Final Exam

The exam will be an in-class two-hour final exam. Details will be posted on the Exam page as the end of the semester approaches.