History of Ancient Rome, HIA 321

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Week 7: Crossing the Rubicon

Thursday, March 19

(1) Video lectures on Youtube

  7a - Marius   7b - Sulla   7c - Pompey and Cicero   7d - Caesar

(2) Do the readings


XV. Personal Ambitions: The Failure of Sulla’s Optimate Oligarchy Ward184–199
XVI. Caesar Wins and Is Lost Ward200–216


SALLUST / Pompey’s Letter to the Senate Reader60
CICERO / Against Catiline Reader61
APPIAN / Pompey’s Conquest of the East Reader65
ASCONIUS / The Murder of Clodius Reader66
SUETONIUS / On Julius Caesar Reader71
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Discussion and Presentations

Respond to and discuss the readings and lecture. Also try to react to what other students are saying. This is where we get at what these readings and ideas are all about, so discussing and interacting here is absolutely vital.

  • Your comments should include your reactions to the arguments made in the readings, both specific points made by the writers and their overall claims, assumptions, and biases, as well as responses to comments made by other students.
  • Your participation grade will be derive not only from the fact that you have posted, but on how well you contribute to the discussion of that day’s topic.

Make sure to also include a question that arose from you from today's readings or lecture. It can be any kind of question, but ideally something that provokes some discussion.