Civilizations of the Ancient World

Civilizations of the Ancient World

HIS 246 In this course we explore the Mediterranean world, beginning with the first humans and tracing the development of civilization from Mesopotamia and Egypt to the ancient Greek city-states and the rise and fall of Rome, toward a stronger understanding of human society.

History of Ancient Rome

History of Ancient Rome

HIA 321 In this course we study the foundation and development of the Roman state, including the rise and decline of the Roman Republic and the establishment and fall of the Empire, with emphasis on its political, economic, social, and cultural achievements.

History of Ancient Greece

History of Ancient Greece

HIA 320 In this course we explore the gradual unfolding and culmination of Greek civilization, through examination of the key transformations of Aegean culture and city-states from the Bronze Age up through the hellenization of the east by the Macedonians.

Women in Antiquity

Women in Antiquity

HIA 311 The image, role, and status of women in ancient societies, with some emphasis on Greece and Rome. Its focus is twofold: myth and symbol, analyzed in literary sources; and what we can discover of the reality, through demographic evidence, the law, status, marriage and divorce, work, education, and religion.