History of Ancient Greece


Your grade for the course will be determined from the following:

Quizzes 10%
Online Discussion 10%
Online Presentation of a Primary Source  10%
Interpretive Essays (2) 20%
Position Paper 25%
Final Exam 25%

We’ll have short, timed online quizzes to help gauge our relationship with the material in the readings most weeks. Quizzes cover the textbook reading plus primary sources. If you did the assigned readings, you should be prepared for the quiz.

Missed quizzes are not made up. If you miss a quiz, you’ll get a zero for that quiz. Therefore, please make sure you are prepared each week and take the quiz.

Online Discussion

Each week during our online meeting time students gather in the online discussion area for that week and post reactions to the issues and ideas brought up in the week's readings and videos. Your posts should include a question and should respond to other students in the discussion as well.

Online Presentation on a Primary Source

You'll sign up for one of the brief primary source documents we're reading this semester and present it to the class in our online discussion area. This write-up is due the night before the class meeting for that document, so it can be part of the online discussion on the class meeting day. Details are on the Essays page.

Interpretive Essays (2)

You’ll write two interpretive essays. Details are on the Essays page.

  • One on Clouds and its relationship with actual events in classical Athens; and
  • A response to your choice of nonwritten artistic depictions of the ancient Greek world, including sculpture, painting, performance, or film, comparing the history that’s come down to us with how it has been represented.
Position Paper

You’ll write an essay discussing a turning point in Greek history of your choice, examining the source material, causes, and effects of the event or transformation and drawing your own conclusions about its meaning. We’ll talk about what’s expected. Details are on the Essays page.

Proposal. You will submit a proposal for the paper partway through the semester, so I can give you feedback on your plans.

Final Exam

The exam will be “take-home” essay exam, posted on a certain date and due a week later. We’ll discuss the content and structure before each exam, and a review sheet will be provided.

Note that the policy on plagiarism will be strictly observed for the essays and for the exams.