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First-Year Seminar Readings

Lesson 4: Becoming a Leader

Opportunities to show leadership at Lehman

The National Assocation for Colleges and Employers defines leadership as the ability to:

Recognize and capitalize on personal and team strengths to achieve organizational goals

There are many ways you can develop as a leader while in college, starting in your first semester. Here are some possibilities to check out:

·     The ANY (America Needs You Fellowship) – A career and leadership development program for freshman students  … the applications for this year may not be open yet, but put a note in your calendar to follow up in a month if you are interested.

·     The Herbert H. Leadership Program lets you earn certificates for completing both the beginning and advanced leadership programs and provides many opportunities for students who are involved.

·     Urban Male Leadership Program  Not just for males … everyone is welcome!

·     Student Government  You can get involve in student government right away -- there will be elections and you can run for office, or start off by attending meetings. Student government at Lehman has a huge impact, for example they succeeded in getting library hours extended.

·     And don't forget that clubs need leaders too. Lehman even provides a way to track your involvement so that you can share that when applying for work or graduate school.