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First-Year Seminar Readings

Lesson 4: Presenting yourself

How others see you matters

In a recent class, I (Dr. Lepore) received an email from a student that said: What up gurrrllll? Missed class, update me?

It was sent from a non-college email and I was not quite sure how to answer this. Chances are the student wrote the email quickly, without thinking. Still, it did not present them in a professional way and such a casual message could cause issues in a formal environment like a college classroom or workplace. This is just one example of how you present yourself- you’ll present yourself in every live interaction, message, and writing. So how do you make sure you present yourself well?

Read through and consider each of the following:

Writing email to professors and potential employers

·     How To Write a Professional Email | For Students, By Students

·     Reading: "How to Email faculty" from Stanford University Advising

Creating a resume and cover letter

·     The attached documents will guide you through the process of creating your resume and writing a cover letter.

     CEDC_Cover Letter Sample_1.pdf

     Freshman Resume Sample.pdf



·     Visit  Symplicity at and look at the document library (use your Lehman login)

·     50+  Key Skills for College Students and Recent Graduates

Dressing for success

·     Kendrick Tries Lehman College Career Closet - YouTube

·     Career fair dress for success
Remember, you can borrow clothing from the career closet or friends and family, and many places offer these types of clothing at a discount (for example, thrift stores often have a wide range of professional clothes available)