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First-Year Seminar Readings

Module 2: College Reading

The kind of reading you do at college requires building a few new skills

You already know how to read. You would not have gotten this far without reading skills.

But just like everything else, your skill at reading, kinds of reading that you are expected to read, and more continue to develop throughout your life.  Reading is much more than just translating letters to words and sentences.  There is a lot of reading in college, and you need to know what's expected and how to master it. 

Related topics

Reading is closely related to other learning topics. These include:

·     Note taking

·     Vocabulary

·     Writing

·     Planning (and not procrastinating)

While the selections here focus on reading, they almost all have material on these other topics, and these are well worth exploring. You can also explore these topics in more depth by participating in the academic coaching program offered at Lehman.

·     Academic Coaching at Lehman

1: Lumen Learning: How to Read for College Success

Read this excerpt from Lumen Learn's College Success book.

How to Read for College | College Success


·     Types of Reading Materials

·     The Purpose of Academic Reading

·     How to Read for College

·     Vocabulary Building Techniques

2: The College Student’s Guide to Better Reading Comprehension

This site gives a good summary of many factors that influence reading and strategies to up your reading game.  There are also a number of excellent outside resources linked.

·     The College Student’s Guide to Better Reading Comprehension

Assignment: College Reading

1.      Look at the syllabuses for each of your courses.  

2.      For each course, write a list of the type or types of readings that are assigned.

3.      Identify one reading strategy you will use for one reading in each course.  

4.      Explain why you chose that strategy.