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Exam Review Sheet posted

27 April 2024

I’ve updated the final exam page. On this page you’ll find information about the final and some review materials. The exam will take place Tuesday, May 21 from 6:15 to 8:15 p.m.Read more…

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Position Paper grades and markups posted

21 May 2024

The grades and markups for the Position Paper are posted on the My Grades page on the course website.

If you have any questions about the grades, comments, or deductions, please don’t hesitate to seek me out by email.

Reversible deductions. Some of you may find that you received “reversible deductions” for issues relating to formatting and citations. The good news is, those are points that you can get back. Check the cover page of your markup to see if there are any check marks and points taken off next to the reversible deductions. If there are, I made notes on the cover sheet or in the essay about the issue, and included a handout with the requirements.

Please resubmit your essay to BlackBoard with those problems fixed, and I’ll be in a position to reverse those deductions. Only reversible deductions can be reversed, so don’t resubmit for anything other than reversible deductions.

Missing essays. If you have not gotten your paper in, please do so as soon as you can. In terms of your course grade you’re better off with any grade, even with a lateness penalty, than a zero for the assignment. Remember also that the lateness penalty is capped at a maximum of 30 points, so turning your paper in, even very late, is better than not doing so.

The deadline for all late papers and resubmissions is May 27. I will not accept any papers after that date.

Link to My Grades page

Good luck on the exam!

20 May 2024

Email me with any questions about the exam! I’ll also be in my office from 5 p.m. on if there’s anything you need to discuss regarding the exam, late papers, reversible deductions, and the like.

The exam will take place Tuesday, May 21 from 6:15 to 8:15 p.m. in our usual room. See you then!

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Quiz #9 grades and markups posted

16 May 2024

The grades and markups for Quiz #9 are posted on the My Grades page on the course website.

I strongly recommend spending a moment to take a look at my commentary on the quiz, as I use the markups and quiz notes to emphasize some of the key take-aways from last week’s topics. The Quiz Notes for this quiz are live on the Quiz Notes page and on the Print/PDF page, and are also included in the quiz markups.

Link to My Grades page

Student Evaluation of Teaching and Learning (SETL)

13 May 2024

I’ve been asked to remind everyone about the student evaluations, as they’re looking for a higher proportion of respondents.

CUNY considers students’ assessments of their instructors to be an important tool, and that's a good thing. The survey plays a key role in allowing the College to respond to student needs and desires. Student evaluations of teaching and learning (SETL) results can be used:

  • by faculty as feedback on their instruction and pedagogy;
  • by faculty, departments, schools, and the college as one source of evidence of teaching effectiveness for annual reviews as well as for tenure and promotion considerations;
  • by students as part of selecting courses and instructors;
  • by the college as evidence of the student experience in Lehman College courses and for a variety of accreditation and other accountability processes.

You can find the SETL page for all your courses in your Lehman emails or by logging into Lehman 360.

Link to Lehman 360

Welcome to Week 13!

11 May 2024

Head of a Vestal Virgin.

This week we’re discussing the ways in which women were involved the Roman religion. The religious practices and superstitions of the Romans themselves are interestingly peculiar, and the special cult of priestesses known as the Vestal Virgins, who were entrusted with the guardianship of the eternal flame, is distinctive. What do you think the existence and importance of the Vestals tells us about how the Romans thought about gender and the gods? The Chief Vestal is an unusual figure, too, representing the pure separateness of the Vestals and the status and responsibilities of a Roman noble matron. What else strikes you as telling about the prominence of women in Roman religion?

Personal letters are a great resource for historians because they offer a subjective, unguarded, and first-hand view of cultural norms and idiosyncratic relations to them. What stands out to you from Pliny’s letters about how he talks about women he admires?

Finally, Cato’s speech on the Oppian Law is in defense of conservative values, but it has an impact on wealthy women in Rome, who had been agitating politically to wear ornamentations again, even appearing in mass demonstrations in the Forum. What’s Cato afraid of?

Looking forward to an interesting discussion. See you Tuesday!

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Signup page glitch resolved

8 May 2024

I just learned yesterday that the signup page for the primary source presentation was not loading properly. The issue has now been resolved.

Link to Signup #1 page

Welcome to Week 12!

5 May 2024

Slave woman from a Pompeii Fresco.

Hi folks, this week we’re attempting to get at the Roman sense of gender division and gender norms below the upper classes. How do you think things are different for women below the nobility? What do documents like the Twelve Tables tell us about how genders and families related to each other? What’s your sense of what ideas the Romans in general shared when it came to the importance of women to the survival of Rome?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and reactions. See you Tuesday!

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No meeting this week either!

27 April 2024

Enjoy your break. Email me with any questions about the Position Paper, which is due on May 13. Our next class meeting is on May 7. See you then!

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