Two books are required. Some possible ways to get them are listed below.

Note:In addition to the books below, we will also be reading and discussing selections from a primary sources compilation, Readings from Hellas. All of the readings are available here on the website and are linked to from the schedule page under the weeks they are assigned, and are also collected on the PDF/Print page.

Assigned Books
Ancient Greece: A Political, Social, and Cultural History, 4th Edition

by Sarah Pomeroy et al. Oxford U. Press, 2017. ISBN 9780190686918.

$79.99 (list price, but see links below for possibly cheaper alternatives).

Assigned Books
Four Texts on Socrates, Revised Edition

ed. by Thomas G. West and Grace Starry West. Ithaca: Cornell Press, 1998. ISBN 9780801485749.


  • Getting this book:
  • Four Texts on Socrates has Aristophanes’s Clouds, which we’ll be reading in class. The other works included in this text may help your interpretation of the play and especially your essay.
  • There are basic transcriptions of Clouds online, but again the intro and notes will be vital to your appreciation of the play, so you should use this book or another full-text book edition.
    • A full text Oxford 1921 translation of Clouds is available here.

The assigned books are available from Lehman College Bookstore and from Amazon and other online retailers (try searching aggregators such as Bookfinder for the best deals). Make sure you do so enough in advance that you’ll receive the books in time for the assignments.