Maps and Timelines

The main set of maps below are ones that I made for my courses. There’s also a large set of additional maps from various books and websites under the “More” tab.


River Civilizations

The Mediterranean World

Agricultural Revolution (Neolithic)

The Bronze Age

Major Powers During the Bronze Age

Mesopotamia and Southwest Asia

Sumer and Lower Mesopotamia

The Fertile Crescent (Bronze Age)

Akkadian Empire, ca. 2300 BCE

Kingdom of the Hittites (Late Bronze Age)

Egypt Under the Pharaohs

New Kingdom Egypt and Its Empire

Minoan Crete

Aegean Area in the Bronze Age

The World According to Homer

Indo-European Migrations

Collapse of the Bronze Age

Iron Age Southwest Asia

Kingdom of Israel (ca 1000 BCE)

Phoenician trade routes

Neo-Assyrian Empire, 9th-7th centuries BCE

Spread of Aramaic (Iron Age)

Relief map of Iron Age SW Asia

Growth of the Persian Empire

Persian Empire, ca. 500 BCE

Persian Empire - vassals and satrapies

Iron Age Aegean

Satellite Map of the Aegean

Aegean Regions by Dialect

Greek colonization in the Mediterranan

Attica and Athens

Peloponnese regions and Spartan alliances

The World According to Herodotus

Persian Invasions of the Aegean

Athems and the Delian League

Athens and the Peiraieus

Classical Greece ca. 450 BCE

The Aegean ca. the Peloponnesian War

The Peloponnesian War

Theban Hegemony, 362 BCE

Philip's Expansion of Macedon

Alexander's conquest

Diadochi (after Ipsus)

Hellenistic East

The Aegean under the Romans

Iron Age Italy and the Roman Empire

Ancient Italy

Dialects of Iron Age Italy

Map of Early Rome

Italy, ca. 500 BCE

The Roman conquest of Italy

Italy, ca. 300 BCE

Second Punic (Hannibalic) War

Cimbri and Teutones, with Arausio (105 BCE)

Caesar's movements, 49-45 BCE

Roman Empire, ca. 2 BCE

Ancient Rome in the early Principate

Roman Empire - Augustus to Trajan

Incursions during the Third Century Crisis

Division of the Empire under Diocletian

Movements of Barbarian Nations

Byzantine Empire and Barbiarian West

Ancient Asia and Africa

Ancient North Africa

Ancient Asian peoples and regions

Early Asian civilizations

Asian civilizations by period


Battle of Marathon, 490 BCE

Battle of Thermopylae, 480 BCE

Battle of Salamis, 480 BCE

Sicilian Expedition, 415-413 BCE

Battle of Cannæ, 216 BCE