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Roman Praenomina

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The Roman first name, or praenomen, was chosen from a very short list; often those selection was conditioned by a family tradition, such as the firstborn being named M., the second son Sex., and so on. The most common praenomina had standardized abbreviations that sometimes reflected archaic spellings. The number of names in common use shrank over the course of the Republic.

Appius (Ap.)

Aulus (A.)

Caeso (K.)

Decimus (D.)

Gaius (C.)

Gnaeus (Cn.)

Lucius (L.)

Mamercus (Mam.)

Manius (M’.)

Marcus (M.)

Numerius (N.)

Postumus (Post.)

Proculus (Pro.)

Publius (P.)

Quintus (Q.)

Servius (Ser.)

Sextus (Sex.)

Spurius (S.)

Tiberius (Ti.)

Titus (T.)

Vibius (V.)