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First-Year Seminar Readings

Lesson 2: Getting to know your degree options

You have a lot of options and opportunities open to you here

What are the liberal arts?

As you read this article, identify what disciplines your potential majors fall into, how you can benefit from a liberal arts education, and what opportunities you have at Lehman because it is a liberal arts college. You’ll notice that the last section of this article is about the ‘best” liberal arts colleges in the US- which are all private. Pay attention to WHY these schools are good- you’ll see things like study abroad (we offer that here at Lehman!), smaller classes (we have that too!), and the ability to study more than just one topic (we have a strong general education core AND the chance to have a minor).

Read through and think about the following:

·     What Is Liberal Arts? Definition and Examples

About Lehman College degrees

These Lehman College pages talk about our programs and degrees. As you read them, consider what major might fit for you and what general education and electives you are interested in. A degree is made of all three: major requirements, general education core requirements, and electives.

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Read through and consider each of the following:

·     Lehman Academic Programs

·     Information for Undergraduates (on degrees and concentrations)