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First-Year Seminar Readings

Module 2: Know Your Community

The people, ideas, and energy you surround yourself with matter
because they shape your worldview.

Read that again- the people you spend time with, in class or at work or socially, SHAPE who you are. Surrounding yourself with people who are exactly like you will only lead you to be MORE of who you are and will not stretch your horizons or add to your skills, knowledge, or values.

And after all, isn’t that one of the reasons you came to college anyway?

To be the best version of you that you can be?

Your community is made of the people, resources, and environment all around you. In college, your community is made up of other students, faculty, staff groups, and the college environment itself. This environment might be physical- the physical campus- but can also be digital and part of the world you access using technology. You can build meaningful learning, work, and social relationships using technology.

Being part of a community comes with responsibilities, and also with benefits. Among the responsibilities are the need to communicate and treat people with respect. Among the benefits are the friendship, interaction, and intellectual challenge that comes from being with people with similar goals and motivations as you have. And support is probably one of the most important things that come from community- having people you can rely on when you need help and being able to provide help to others when they need it is necessary for success in college and life itself. After all, none of us lives on an island!

Meeting new people, learning how to engage with them and respect them, and understanding that everyone brings something of value to the work we do will help you to build a worldview that lets you THRIVE in any environment.

As Sarah, a former student of mine reminded me at a very difficult moment in my life:

Step out of your comfort zone!


By the end of this module, you will:

·     Hear from students and their experiences as they transitioned to college

·     Identify areas and experiences that Lehman has to offer and that you can take advantage of

·     Consider the steps in building relationships and communicating effectively wiith other students, faculty, and staff