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First-Year Seminar Readings

Module 3: Change Is Ubiquitous

The only thing we can truly expect in our world is change

The only thing we can truly expect in our world is change- change is everywhere, all the time (ubiquitous). Change happens around us, because of us, and to us.

Learning  to manage change without too much stress or anxiety is important.

One of the areas that changes constantly is knowledge. Most people do not think about this- that knowledge changes all the time. Everyday, society expands what it knows, changes what it knows, and drops ideas that no longer make sense or stand up to rigorous examination.

Information is just one place where change takes place. We see change throughout our world today- in our climate and weather patterns, in our technology which advances faster than we can adapt to it, in the marketplace, travel, health, and communication. We ourselves change quickly, especially in college as we are exposed to new ideas, people, and methods of gaining knowledge.

You yourself can expect a number of changes throughout college. Many college students report changing relationships throughout their college years- losing friends, making new friends, and seeing changes in relationships and how they work. Students talk about differences in relation to their family members and in understanding how the world works. Many students find an interest in politics, psychology, and other areas that focus on how people think, feel, learn, and determine how power and decisions are made. With this interest and knowledge, it is possible to engage more with society and be more critical in evaluating and assessing how the world works.  You might find yourself questioning things more as you learn in college- and less likely to accept things that you are told, without evidence to back it up.

Embracing change is hard, but necessary to survive in today’s world. What we know today may be disproven tomorrow and a new set of skills and knowledge may be needed to move forward.  Learning how to navigate change - by determining how to move forward, evaluate and accept new information, and integrate it with your existing knowledge and experience is a key to thriving.


By the end of this module, you will:

·     Consider the changes in your life over the past few years

·     Assess how you handle change

·     Learn new techniques to manage challenges and stress

·     Consider your mindset and the mindset you’d like to build while in college (and beyond)