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First-Year Seminar Readings

Module 1: Academic integrity

A big part of academic success is academic integrity

1: When Life Gives you Lehman …

Follow the link and read the full comic:

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2: What is Academic Integrity?

·     This short page is a well-written and not technical overview
The most important message: "Trust the value of your own intellect."

3: Avoiding problems

You can read all the details of Lehman's academic integrity policy on this page.

Review the Lehman academic integrity policy and note what kinds of activities are banned, and why:

·     Lehman College and CUNY Academic Integrity Policy

Risky Practices: These actions are likely to violate academic honesty and integrity and should be avoided.

·     Copying or allowing someone to copy from you

·     Collaborating on an assignment unless specifically allowed

·     Using notes during a closed book exam

·     Submitting work done in a previous course (part or whole)

·     Submitting anything done by someone else as your own

Please follow links to the Lehman policy for more details.

Assignment: When life gives you Lehman*

In this part of the assignment you will respond to the "When life gives you Lehman …" comic.  In a document, answer these questions.

1.      Why do you think Marisol plagiarized her paper? List three reasons why a person might plagiarize.

2.      When Marisol asks Julia how she gave such a good class presentation, Julia says she read everything she could about her topic. But that can't be all she did, right? Name three other things she must have done to give a good presentation.

3.      How have Marisol's actions affected her learning?

4.      When it comes to being students, Marisol and Julia are polar opposites. What's your approach to your college assignments? Are you responsible like Julia, unmotivated like Marisol, or somewhere in between?

5.      If Marisol doesn't change quickly, she probably won't make it through college. If Julia stays as amazing as she is, she'll be valedictorian. What about you? Do you know where you want to be in four years? Are you on the right track to achieve that vision?

6.      Look back at the reasons why a person might plagiarize that you listed in question 1. If confronted with any of those problems, what else might a student do to overcome them besides plagiarizing?

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