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First-Year Seminar Readings

Module 3: Information Literacy and Library

The art of finding the information you need

1: The Researcher Begins

Follow the link and read the full comic:

A magazine cover with a magnifying glass

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2: Who's Art Nouveau?

Follow the link and read the full comic:

A comic strip of a group of people

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3: Fakeout Game

·     Play Fakeout
Since you are in the US, select Other for your location.

4: Checkit Fact checking for students

How to SIFT through sources to verify information using four key moves:

·     Stop

·     Invesigate the source,

·     Find better coverage and

·     Trace claims, media and quotes to the original context.

Follow the link and watch the four short videos on SIFT:

·     Evaluation Information: SIFT

5: Library Resources

The Lehman library has an incredible set of resources for you.

You can see at the very top of your Blackboard page there is always a link to the library available, which is the same as this one. 

·     Lief Library main page

You definitely should get to know the physical library but did you know there is a real, live librarian available to help you 24/7 online?  You'll find a link on that page.

You can also access the library data bases and catalog from off campus by logging in with your CUNYfirst credentials.

Don't forget that as a CUNY student you also have access to even more resources through the New York Public Library, even if you don't live in the 5 boroughs.

Assignment: Library and Information Literacy

This assignment requires you to have read two Lehman Comics.

After reading "Who's Art Nouveau?" answer:

·     Assignments that are not papers still require research.  In this case the project was designing a poster, but professors will come up with all kinds of projects.  Why do creative projects require research?

After reading “The Researchers Begin” answer the questions below:

·     Liz and her friends use Google for research all the time, but this time they're more critical of their results. Why?

·     Robin the Librarian takes Liz to three different places to get information on diabetes. The first is Gale Virtual Reference Library, where they get encyclopedia articles. Why do you think the Librarian takes them to encyclopedia articles first?

·     The second place the Librarian takes Liz is ProQuest Public Health, where they find scholarly articles. One of these articles discusses a survey conducted by researchers interested in diabetes prevalence among Puerto Ricans in New York. Another article reports the results of a scientific study of the connection between TV watching and type 1 diabetes. What would you expect articles like this to be like? What might they include that encyclopedia articles wouldn't?

·     Liz's research with the Librarian took a long time. Why do you think that is? Would you have expected research to take that long, or have that many steps?

·     Has this web comic changed they way you think about research? If so, how? If not, why not?



Based on the work of Lehman Librarians.