Women in Antiq.


De Roma

Excerpts from Ancient Writers about Rome

Information about the Ancient Authors DIONYSIUS OF HALICARNASSUS / On the Subject of Roman History DIONYSIUS OF HALICARNASSUS / Early Rules for Clients and Patrons LIVY / Numa’s Religious Settlement LIVY / The Capture of the Sabine Women DIONYSIUS OF HALICARNASSUS / Servius Tullius’s Reform of the Comitia Centuriata LIVY / The Rape of Lucretia DIONYSIUS OF HALICARNASSUS / Coriolanus Opposes the Plebs DIONYSIUS OF HALICARNASSUS / The Tribunes and their Manipulation FRAGMENTS / The Twelve Tables LIVY, DIONYSIUS OF HALICARNASSUS / The Roman Way of Declaring War CICERO, DIONYSIUS OF HALICARNASSUS / The Mythology of the Farmer General LIVY / The Defeat of the Latins POLYBIUS / The Constitution of the Roman Republic POLYBIUS / The Roman Maniple vs. the Macedonian Phalanx LIVY / The Samnites’ ‘Linen Legion’ Remains Undaunted CORNELIUS NEPOS / Hannibal POLYBIUS / The Battle of Cannæ LIVY, PRUDENTIUS / The Magna Mater POLYBIUS / The Siege of Syracuse POLYBIUS / The Destruction of Corinth LIVY / Cato Opposes Extravagance PLAUTUS / From The Menaechmi APPIAN / On Tiberius Gracchus PLUTARCH / On Tiberius Gracchus APPIAN / On Gaius Gracchus SALLUST / Speech of Marius Against the Nobility APPIAN AND PLUTARCH / Mithridates Against Rome APPIAN / Drusus and his Enemies VARIOUS / Accounts of the Roman State Religion VARIOUS / Slavery in the Roman Republic LIVY, APPIAN / Sulla’s Brutality Q. CICERO / The Roman Candidate SALLUST / Life in Rome in the Late Republic SALLUST / Pompey’s Letter to the Senate CICERO / Against Catiline APPIAN / Pompey’s Conquest of the East ASCONIUS / The Murder of Clodius
CICERO / Scipio’s Dream SUETONIUS / On Julius Caesar PLUTARCH / The Assassination of Julius Caesar CICERO / On the Rise of Augustus CATULLUS / Selections HORACE / The Secular Hymn VELLEIUS PATERCULUS / The Battle of Teutoburg Forest AUGUSTUS / Acts of the Divine Augustus TACITUS / The Death of Augustus and the Accession of Tiberius CLAUDIUS / A Speech on Incorporating the Gauls SENECA / The Pumpkinification of Claudius TACITUS / The Principle of Adoption TACITUS / The Legions Proclaim Vespasian Emperor JOSEPHUS / The Roman Army in the First Century CE LEGAL TEXT / Law Concerning the Power of Vespasian PLINY THE ELDER / The Grandeur of Rome PLINY THE YOUNGER / Panegyric Addressed to the Emperor Trajan PLINY THE YOUNGER / The Correspondence of a Provincial Governor and the Emperor STRABO, OXYRHYNCHOS PAPYRI / Egypt under the Roman Empire SUETONIUS / How Domitian Attempted to Amuse the Populace VARIOUS / Roman Educational Practices MARCUS AURELIUS / On the Virtue of Antoninus Pius EUTROPIUS / The Reign of Marcus Aurelius HERODIAN / How Didius Julianus Bought the Empire at Auction VARIOUS / The Lives of Soldiers and Sailors ZOSIMUS / Imperial Weakness Invites Barbarian Aggression EUSEBIUS / The Persecution under Decius VOPISCUS / Aurelian’s Conquest of Palmyra DIOCLETIAN AND CONSTANTINE / Efforts to Stabilize the Economy EUSEBIUS / The Conversion of Constantine CONSTANTINE / The Edict of Milan SOZOMEN / Constantine Founds Constantinople, 324 CE JULIAN / Letter to Arsacius AMMIANUS MARCELLINUS / The Luxury of the Rich in Rome PROCOPIUS OF CAESAREA / Alaric’s Sack of Rome, 410 CE RUTILIUS NAMATIANUS / The Greatness of Rome in the Days of Ruin, 413CE JORDANES / The Battle of Chalôns, 451 CE Appendix: Roman Praenomina