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Final Exam

The final exam will be held in-person on Tuesday, May 21 from 6:15 to 8:15 p.m. in our normal meeting room.

Please arrive on time. You will only have the two-hour exam period to take the exam.

Review materials will be posted below closer to the exam date.

Review materials are posted below.

Other review materials:

About the review sheet:The review sheet is not designed to be a list of answers so much as questions you can use to guide you toward the areas you want to focus on in your review. As you read through the questions on the review sheet, those you have a sense of how you might answer are lower priority for review than those questions you’re not sure how you would answer; those you’d then want to go back and spend some time reviewing in your notes, the readings, the videos, quiz notes, and class discussions.

Also note that the terms are a useful way of finding concepts you need to go back and review, so I’d advise stepping through the terms at the end of each topic and making sure you have a sense of what they mean and why we’re studying them.

To prepare for the essays, I suggest that you focus on what you would consider to be four or five of the major themes of this course, and think about possible questions that relate to those topics across the periods and transitions we’ve explored. For each essay you’ll be asked to give three examples, so you can sketch out a question about a recurring topic in the course, your perspective on that question, and three similar or contrasting examples that demonstrate that perspective.

Please take a look at the review sheet for details on the exam’s content and structure. Once you’ve read through the review sheet, if you have any questions about the exam or about any of the topics covered in it, please don’t hesitate to come to me or bring them up in class.

If you miss the final exam:Make-ups will be arranged only in cases of documented personal or medical emergency. Otherwise, per CUNY policy a student who does not complete the course by taking the final exam will automatically receive a grade of WU (unofficial withdrawal), which counts as an F toward your GPA, unless an incomplete has been mutually agreed by student and instructor prior to the ultimate submission deadline for the course (Sunday, May 26).