In-Class Presentation

In October, everyone will choose a topic related to being a student and do a brief in-class presentation or a brief video to be shown in class.

Slides and Videos

Here are the slides and videos from some of the presentations so far!

Meeting 101
Charliz Martinez - How sleep affects our lives
Meeting 103
Djonaya Matador - Depression
Meeting 104
Kevin Dankwah - The importance of sleep
Meeting 105
Korotoumou Gueye - Stress management
Meeting 106
Tania Ali - Time management
Meeting 107
Sashay Graham - Student realism
Meeting 108
Maria Grullon Marte - Different ways to manage stress
Meeting 109
Brandon Dennis - Personal relationships and social life
Meeting 111
Ana Reyes - Stress Management
Meeting 112
Yadiel Avila - Eating Habits
Meeting 113
Marlene Mata - Leadership
Meeting 114
Angel Bautista - Money Management in College
Meeting 115
Arianna Felix - College Student Wellness Guide
Meeting 116
Muhammed Zab - Substance Abuse and Addiction Prevention

Schedule of Presentations

Presentation Day 1

Thursday, October 19

  • Jaydalisse Alcantara
  • Imani Brown
  • Erika Cabreja
  • Jonathan Guerrero
  • Charliz Martinez
  • Djonaya Matador
  • Ysamar Rojas

Presentation Day 2

Tuesday, October 24

  • Tania Ali
  • Selena Cruz-Segundo
  • Korotoumou Gueye
  • Marlene Mata
  • Rienne Rivera
  • Keyline Tejada
  • Kevin Dankwah

Presentation Day 3

Thursday, October 26

  • Brandon Dennis
  • Arianna Felix
  • Sashay Graham
  • Maria Grullon Marte
  • Valerie Macias
  • Leah Ojeda
  • Heavynly Pierce
  • Toussida Zongo

Presentation Day 4

Tuesday, October 31

  • Sharmin Alejo
  • Yadiel Avila
  • Angel Bautista
  • Guadalupe Caporal
  • Indiana Garcia
  • Ana Reyes Sanchez
  • Muhammed Zab

The Assignment

The idea for this project is to talk about something that’s important to you as a student and discuss some of the reasons it’s important and how it impacts on you, those around you, and others in the community.

We’ll go through the stages of this in class together, including choosing a topic, setting up what you want to say, and talking to a group. I’ll also be available to discuss your presentation with you individually.

We’ll talk about topics and each pick one for our presentations at the start of October. And the end of October, we’ll set aside a few class meetings to allow everyone to share their ideas with the class.

Post your topic on the Week 5 responses page. Relevant slides are posted below.

Here's the breakdown:

  • Theme: “Becoming a college student”
  • Challenge: Talk about a change or goal that matters to you
  • Format: In person; on video; slides with narration; …
  • Length: About 3 minutes
  • Timeline:
    • Post your intended topic by Monday, Oct. 2
    • Start preparing your talk
    • Presentations in class starting Oct. 19
  • Goals
    • Be relatable
    • Have a structure
    • Share specifics
    • Have some fun with it

Finalizing your talk (Oct. 17)

  • Check the course website and take note of your presentation day
  • Read up on your topic and find out something cool about it
  • Ask friends what would be good to include
  • Send me any files by the day before your presentation
  • Have fun with it! Make jokes, tell stories, make it meaningful and interesting in a way that works for you
  • Problem? Tell me beforehand

Next Steps (Oct. 5–10)

  1. Make a list of five specific questions you want to answer
    • What questions might the students in your audience have?
    • What might your audience be struggling with, concerned about, or curious about?
    • Talk to friends—what might they want to know?
    • What kinds of questions might people not be asking?
  2. Investigate your topic
    • Explore the course readings that relate to your topic
    • Talk to people who have knowledge or experience
    • Read up on this subject using digital resources
  3. Decide how you want to do your talk
    • Format: Three pillars? Five things to know? Tell a story?
    • Venue: In person? Slides? Video?
  4. Start writing your outline

Slides Relating to the Presentation

Click to enlarge images.