Ancient Rome


De Roma

Excerpts from Ancient Writers about Rome

    De Roma: Excerpts from Ancient Writers about Rome, third edition. These documents and excerpts were originally brought together from public domain sources to be used in conjunction with the Lehman College course HIA 321, History of Ancient Rome. Compilation copyright © 2023, 2013 by Mark B. Wilson.
Information about the Ancient Authors DIONYSIUS OF HALICARNASSUS / On the Subject of Roman History DIONYSIUS OF HALICARNASSUS / Early Rules for Clients and Patrons LIVY / Numa’s Religious Settlement LIVY / The Capture of the Sabine Women DIONYSIUS OF HALICARNASSUS / Servius Tullius’s Reform of the Comitia Centuriata LIVY / The Rape of Lucretia DIONYSIUS OF HALICARNASSUS / Coriolanus Opposes the Plebs DIONYSIUS OF HALICARNASSUS / The Tribunes and their Manipulation FRAGMENTS / The Twelve Tables LIVY, DIONYSIUS OF HALICARNASSUS / The Roman Way of Declaring War CICERO, DIONYSIUS OF HALICARNASSUS / The Mythology of the Farmer General LIVY / The Defeat of the Latins POLYBIUS / The Constitution of the Roman Republic POLYBIUS / The Roman Maniple vs. the Macedonian Phalanx LIVY / The Samnites’ ‘Linen Legion’ Remains Undaunted CORNELIUS NEPOS / Hannibal POLYBIUS / The Battle of Cannæ LIVY, PRUDENTIUS / The Magna Mater POLYBIUS / The Siege of Syracuse POLYBIUS / The Destruction of Corinth LIVY / Cato Opposes Extravagance PLAUTUS / From The Menaechmi APPIAN / On Tiberius Gracchus PLUTARCH / On Tiberius Gracchus APPIAN / On Gaius Gracchus SALLUST / Speech of Marius Against the Nobility APPIAN AND PLUTARCH / Mithridates Against Rome APPIAN / Drusus and his Enemies VARIOUS / Accounts of the Roman State Religion VARIOUS / Slavery in the Roman Republic LIVY, APPIAN / Sulla’s Brutality Q. CICERO / The Roman Candidate SALLUST / Life in Rome in the Late Republic SALLUST / Pompey’s Letter to the Senate CICERO / Against Catiline APPIAN / Pompey’s Conquest of the East ASCONIUS / The Murder of Clodius
CICERO / Scipio’s Dream SUETONIUS / On Julius Caesar PLUTARCH / The Assassination of Julius Caesar CICERO / On the Rise of Augustus CATULLUS / Selections HORACE / The Secular Hymn VELLEIUS PATERCULUS / The Battle of Teutoburg Forest AUGUSTUS / Acts of the Divine Augustus TACITUS / The Death of Augustus and the Accession of Tiberius CLAUDIUS / A Speech on Incorporating the Gauls SENECA / The Pumpkinification of Claudius TACITUS / The Principle of Adoption TACITUS / The Legions Proclaim Vespasian Emperor JOSEPHUS / The Roman Army in the First Century CE LEGAL TEXT / Law Concerning the Power of Vespasian PLINY THE ELDER / The Grandeur of Rome PLINY THE YOUNGER / Panegyric Addressed to the Emperor Trajan PLINY THE YOUNGER / The Correspondence of a Provincial Governor and the Emperor STRABO, OXYRHYNCHOS PAPYRI / Egypt under the Roman Empire SUETONIUS / How Domitian Attempted to Amuse the Populace VARIOUS / Roman Educational Practices MARCUS AURELIUS / On the Virtue of Antoninus Pius EUTROPIUS / The Reign of Marcus Aurelius HERODIAN / How Didius Julianus Bought the Empire at Auction VARIOUS / The Lives of Soldiers and Sailors ZOSIMUS / Imperial Weakness Invites Barbarian Aggression EUSEBIUS / The Persecution under Decius VOPISCUS / Aurelian’s Conquest of Palmyra DIOCLETIAN AND CONSTANTINE / Efforts to Stabilize the Economy EUSEBIUS / The Conversion of Constantine CONSTANTINE / The Edict of Milan SOZOMEN / Constantine Founds Constantinople, 324 CE JULIAN / Letter to Arsacius AMMIANUS MARCELLINUS / The Luxury of the Rich in Rome PROCOPIUS OF CAESAREA / Alaric’s Sack of Rome, 410 CE RUTILIUS NAMATIANUS / The Greatness of Rome in the Days of Ruin, 413CE JORDANES / The Battle of Chalôns, 451 CE Appendix: Roman Praenomina