Ancient Rome



The following book is required. Some possible ways to get it are listed below.

Assigned Books

A History of the Roman People, 7th edition

by Celia E. Schultz, Allen M. Ward, F. M. Heichelheim, C. A. Yeo. Routledge, 2019. ISBN: 978-1-138-72469-3. $120 (new print, but see links below for possibly cheaper alternatives).

  • Getting this book:
  • Earlier editions (where the lead author is Allen M. Ward):
    • The fifth and sixth editions are similar, but previous ones are more significantly different.
    • Buy the sixth edition (ISBN: 978-0-205-84679-5) new or used (many inexpensive copies seem to be available) at Amazon or Abe Books.
    • A physical copy of the 6th edition is available at Lief Library.
    • There is a digital copy of the fourth edition available to borrow for free at (Currently marled unavailable to borrow except for those with disabilities.)

The assigned books are available from Lehman College Bookstore and from Amazon and other online retailers (try searching aggregators such as Bookfinder for the best deals). Make sure you do so enough in advance that you’ll receive the books in time for the assignments.