Ancient Rome

Image Gallery

Below are a few course-related images from the ancient Mediterranean world.

Rome A relief presentation of the Italian peninsula.


Rome Detail of Aeneas or Numa from the Ara Pacis in Rome.
Ara Pacis, 13 CE.


Rome A modern depiction of the Rape of Lucretia.
Painting by Titian, 1571.


Rome The Apollo of Veii.


Rome A modern depiction of Cincinnatus being called from his plow to serve as dictator.


Rome A Roman fresco depicting youths playing a ball game.


Rome Roman cuirass and equipment.


Rome A colorized bust of Hannibal Barca.


Rome A patrician Roman with masks of his ancestors.


Rome Images of priests and senators on the side of the Ara Pacis.
Ara Pacis, 13 CE.


Rome Part of a family group from a Roman sarcophagus.


Rome Statue of an unknown young Roman.


Rome Head of a Vestal Virgin.
Sculpture by Antonio Canova (1821 to 1822). Neoclassical, marble.


Rome Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus.


Rome A bust of Lucius Cornelius Sulla.
1st century BCE.


Rome A statue of Julius Caesar in Turin.


Rome Bust of Julius Caesar.


Rome Marcus Porcius Cato (known as Cato the Younger).


Rome A senator speaking to the Roman senate.
Rome, HBO 2005.


Rome Coins depicting Antony and Octavian as triumvirs (III VIR).


Rome Statue of emperor Augustus.
Velletri, 1st century CE.


Rome Statue of Augustus.


Rome The dome interior of the Pantheon, Rome.


Rome Frieze of Agrippina crowning her young son Nero with a laurel wreath.
Aphrodisias, 54-59 CE.


Rome The emperor Caligula, on film and as a Roman bust.


Rome Slave woman from a Pompeii Fresco.
House of Punished Love VII, 2, 23, 1st century CE.


Rome A fresco of a Romano-Italian woman with a stylus and a wax tablet.
Pompeii, 79 CE.


Rome An animal being led to sacrifice at an altar.


Rome Marcus Aurelius conducting an animal sacrifice.


Rome Bronze rendering of the emperor Marcus Aurelius leading a sacrifice.


Rome Roman scribe shown with his stylus and wax tablets.
Tomb stele at Flavia Solva, Noricum.


Rome Defeat of Roman emperor Valerian (r. 253-260 CE) by the Persian king Shapur.
A sardonyx cameo, ca. 260 CE. Cabinet des Médailles, National Library, Paris.


Rome Modern bronze statue of Constantine the Great looking down upon his broken sword, which forms the shape of a cross.
York, 1998.


Rome Early Christian image of Jesus’s crucifixion.